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  • Selecting the Right Hydraulic Filter

    Filter Selection Guide

    Contaminants are the enemy of hydraulic circuits in applications worldwide. Inefficiency and downtime are the two most costly repercussions caused by a variety of contaminants, often resulting in excessive repair. The most important defense against inefficiency and downtime is the protection of the hydraulic circuits more sensitive components; this is the path to effective contamination control.

    How do you know which housing style or filter is the best for protecting your systems and equipment?

    Here are some steps to help you identify the correct parts for efficient contamination control.

    1.Determine Operating Pressure and Flow Rate

    Identify the most critical component in you systems hydraulic operating environment. Now think of two factors that are critical to keeping the component performing properly. Ex. Nominal and Maximum Operating Pressure or Nominal and Maximum Flow Rate

    2.Select Filter-Housing Model

    Donaldson Filters has a great filter selection guide that can help you identify exactly what meets your requirements.

    Donaldson Filter Selection Guide

    3.Consider Application Factors

    Once you identify the appropriate housing and filters you must take into consideration others factors that play into the components maintenance and protection

    4.Choose the Appropriate Accessories

    There are all types of different filter accessories that can help you in your contamination control efforts and prolong the life of your filters. Breathers, suction strainers, or gauges are all important parts of the overall system.

    5.On-Going Contamination Control Practices

    Contamination control is an ongoing process and requires routine checks and balances to maintain the components. Regular fluid analysis help monitor fluid contamination and condition.

  • Greensorb - Environmentally Friendly Absorbent - Now Available!


    GreenSorb is an all natural ceramic-based absorbent is reusable on multiple spills and virtually dust free. GreenSorb is more efficient than clay absorbents and unlike clay absorbents, has a lower-cost-per-use. Based on a recent study, the annual cost savings could be more than 15% as compared to using a crushed clay absorbent (Download the study here). GreenSorb absorbs all oils, diesel fuel, hydraulic liquids, solvents, paints and medical-related spills. Applications for use include industrial, commercial, private use and medical facilities. Reliable absorption retention ensures non-leaching over time.

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  • Hydraulic Hose Failures and Fixes

    MRO Stop - Ask the Expert
    MRO Shop Talk

    Expert: Sonny Austin
    Subject: Hydraulic Hose Failure Analysis

    On this episode of MRO Shop Talk, store manager Sonny Austin is discussing common hydraulic hose failures seen in the field, going over symptoms, causes and resolutions.

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  • Firestone Style Number Changes

    MRO Shop Talk
    Expert: Andy Crowley
    Subject: Firestone Style Numbers

    On this episode of MRO Shop Talk, Pneumatic Expert Andy Crowley discusses some recent Part number changes you might see with Firestone equipment.

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  • Replacing Goodyear Air Springs with Firestone Air Springs

    Firestone-Goodyear-Air-Spring-Crossover-ChartDid you know that most Firestone Industrial air springs have direct crossover part numbers for Goodyear Air Springs?  The Firestone brand is internationally known and customers trust Firestone air spring's quality, reliability and unparalleled service for their application.  Firestone has single, double and triple convoluted air springs as well as styles like rolling lobe, reversible sleeve and shaped sleeve air springs that are direct replacements for Goodyear products.  Before crossing over your air spring, make sure to check product specifications.  You can check these specifications on most Firestone air spring product pages on MRO Stop, in the downloads section.  There we have Goodyear pdfs for you to review and determine if a Firestone air spring can be used as a replacement in you application.  We have also created a handy crossover chart for you to use online or for you to download.  Thanks for shopping at MRO Stop, your one stop shop for industrial air springs!

    Download Goodyear Air Spring Crossover Chart Online Goodyear Air Spring Crossover Chart

  • MRO Shop Talk - Parker High Pressure Quick Disconnect Hose Fittings

    MRO Stop - Ask the Expert
    MRO Shop Talk

    Expert: Sonny Austin
    Subject: Parker High Pressure Quick Disconnect Hose Fittings

    On this episode of MRO Shop Talk, store manager Sonny Austin is discussing high pressure quick disconnects from Parker, including pressures, sizes, and common uses.

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  • Introducing the FireFly Solar LED Lighting Kit

    Firefly Solar LED Lighting KitWhat is it?
    Introducing Go Sol Power's Firefly:  the world’s most advanced solar powered device for light and mobile charging. With a main battery box, solar panel and five (5) LED lights, Firefly can be used for residential or commercial purposes.

    How does it work?
    Firefly has three different parts to provide the basic necessities. The central “brains” of the system is the main Firefly box. From a specially designed battery to carefully selected materials, everything about the Firefly screams “engineering”. We start with the battery:

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  • Picking the Right Knife – A Buyers Guide

    Sarge Single Blade Serrated Combo KnifeAsk any pocketknife enthusiast what his favorite blade is and you’ll likely get a different answer every time.  Knives come in hundreds of different configurations and styles, making the decision on which blade is “your blade” all the more complex. Certain knives are clearly better suited objectively for specific applications, but for an everyday pocketknife, the criteria can often be subjective to ones taste. Sarge offers many different knife variations, from single fixed blade to foldable styles.

    SK-813A single-blade folding pocketknife comes with a locking mechanism for strength and durability. Single blade pocketknives are a clear favorite for everyday blades. They are simple in nature but strong enough to be well suited for a variety of tasks. Single blade knives often come as a straight edge, or a combo serrated edge. The Sarge SK813 Panther is a combo edge knife standing 3.5" with a locking mechanism. This is a perfect all around utility style pocketknife.

    A single straight edge knife is best suited for “push cutting” and gives the user more control and accuracy to perform precision cuts. SK-805A serrated edge, like the SK-805, gives the user a much better level of “sawing” power, but with the benefit comes a lose of some precision and clean cutting ability.

    Another consideration is blade length.  Longer is not always better, as is often thought. Most short blades are able to travel anywhere as most laws that prevent knives from being carried certain places pertain only to blades longer than 2.75 inches. Short pocketknives are often foldable blades with a locking mechanism. One disadvantage to picking up a larger knife is that they are often fixed blade. This makes them more difficult to transport legally, safely, and discreetly. A perfect example of a very transportable small single-blade foldable pocketknife is the SK-800.

    If you've decided what kind of knife you want to carry, browse our Folding Blades, Fixed Blade, and Combo-Serrated blade knife selections. Too see more knives and other tools, be sure to check out our social media at FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Linkedin.

  • Meet Rod Cardoso!


    RodCardoso SmileWe're excited to introduce you to our Customer Service Representative Rod Cardoso!

    Rod was born on the island of Cuba where he loved spending time on the beautiful beaches and enjoying the local food of his hometown. From Cuba he moved to Panama and spent quite a few years there enjoying the scenery and working to support himself. The majority of his life was spent in Miami, Florida…Go HEAT! Rod is an avid Basketball fan and a life-long HEAT fan.

    Rod is married and has four children. He is really excited to be an MRO Stop team member and loves spending time helping customers have an exceptional experience when they shop with us. Rod can be reached directly at or by calling (866) 388-7558.

    MRO Stop is committed to providing an excellent customer experience. We’d love to get to know our customers and hear more about how we can serve you better. Please feel free to contact Rod or Darryl about any questions or concerns you have!

    Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin

  • Bulk Industrial Fasteners & Hardware - New Product

    Grade 8 NutMRO Stop now offers a full catalog of industrial fasteners. Unlike most industrial fastener suppliers, we’ll sell both bulk and individual quantities of whatever fastener you need. Our fastener stock is complete with various materials and thread configurations, including SAE and Metric. In our Charlotte, Greenville, and Savannah locations we keep everything from machine screws and rare bolts to your everyday nuts and washers on hand and in stock for your convenience.

    At MRO Stop we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and service. If you need help with fastener selection or have a special order need for a machine, we can help! We keep stock on the shelf of both general and hard to find fasteners, but if by chance what you need is rare or so hard to find that we don’t keep in the store, we’ll get it for you ASAP. Please see an associate at one of our locations if you have any fastener questions or stocking inquiries.

    Shop our online catalog for a wide selection of bulk fasteners such as nuts, washers, screws and bolts.

    Download our full Fastener Catalog Industrial Fasteners


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