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Firestone Air Grippers - Product Spotlight

Firestone Air Gripper End Effector Firestone Air Gripper End Effector

The product of years of development, Air Gripper end-effectors combine pneumatic pressure control with the physical attributes of rubber. The result is an innovation that can give robotics or mechanical handling systems an important degree of touch and allow products to be handled securely and gently.   The Air Gripper end-effector collars around the product, then the sleeve inflates inwardly to form a grip around the product’s exterior. Models are available with various inflation pressures to handle light to heavy loads. This cushioned transporting can help eliminate damage, breakage, and other processing problems. Air Gripper end-effectors have already been proven in assembly, loading, shifting, conveying and many other manufacturing operations around the world.

Firestone Air Gripper End Effector Catalog Download Firestone Air Gripper End Effector Catalog

Air Gripper end effectors move objects of all shapes and sizes.

• Conform to Any Shape
• Multiple Sizes Handled with One Gripper
• Delicate Handling
• Wide Size Range
• High Load Capacity
• Non-marring Contact
• No Lubrication Required
• Low Cost
• Long Life in a Dusty Environment

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