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Meet MROstop

  • MRO Stop "Ninjas" conquer the R.O.C. Race

    On Sunday, the MRO Stop “Ninjas” converged on the 5k R.O.C. (Random Obstacle Challenge) Race ( at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. We had over twenty team members join us on a beautiful August afternoon for a little bit of exercise and whole lot of fun and laughs. Here’s our story…


    The stage was set and the objective had been established. The MRO Stop Ninjas were to attack and conquer the R.O.C. Race located in Charlotte, NC. Schedule to begin our assault at exactly three o’clock Eastern Standard Time, our team of ninjas began to silently converge the targeted objective around 1:30pm.

    In full MRO Stop ninja attire (some tighter than others) and the honor of each family represented at stake, we quickly assembled to develop our plan of attack. We decided that three waves of soldiers were needed in order to take down the beast known as the “R.O.C. Race”. Then at exactly 3:00pm, our plan was put into action. We approached the starting line from the Southeast, our credentials were checked and it was time to execute. After a brief conversation with the gate master, he released our entire group to execute our massive assault.

    Immediately the first wave of soldiers, now released to utilize their extensive training were out of the gate and attacking the course; setting the speed precedent that the MRO Stop ninja’s were here and on a mission.  Quickly thereafter, the second wave of ninjas began executing their objectives with laser focus; to conquer all obstacles as quickly as possible while ensuring that none are missed from the first wave soldiers but to also take an occasional pause to enjoy the experience. Then finally the third wave of ninjas began their pursuit of the obstacles. This group of ninjas (code name “the clean up team”) had been highly trained in the art of “patience” and therefore took the course at a much slower pace. This very strategic approach enable them to validate that all objectives had been achieved by the first two waves of ninjas but more importantly that no ninjas were lost or left behind in obtaining these obstacles.

    Then as the three waves of ninjas continue executing their piece of this highly synchronized plan, we each quickly encountered attacks from the “R.O.C. Race” beast. The first was a series of towering barricades, each well in excess of 2 feet tall that had to be overcome. We all believed that the “R.O.C. Race” tried to attack us quickly in order discourage us from continuing on our journey. However, each ninja was able to boldly show that we would not to be denied.

    Throughout the rest of our journey, we encountered many more obstacles that could have easily denied us victory. There were treacherous mountains that had to be scaled, slippery caverns to explore and murky rivers to be crossed yet as a team we were able to survive them all. Many soldiers fell yet none choose to stay defeated. They quickly regained their footing and pressed forward in order to finish their task and honor their family and team.

    Finally, once our goals were achieved and all ninjas were accounted for there was a silence that fell over this ban of trained assassins. Each member knew that the “R.O.C. Race” beast had thrown everything that it had at us yet we were still standing and it was not. It was even rumored that a single tear was lost as a sign of respect for the monster….


    Nah, who are we kidding… we were giving high fives and playing in the bubbles!

  • Meet - Bill Pettus

    Meet - Meet Our Employees!

    Bill Pettus







    Occupation: President

    Favorite Food: Anything with spice (Mexican food especially!!)

    Hobbies: Family, Jogging, Website development

    Favorite Quote: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney

    Pet Peeve: Accountability (apparently it's a limited resource)

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Nickname: Computer Nerd (I see it as badge of honor now… lol)

    Favorite Album of All Time: One - Metallica

    Pets: Rockey (Dog), Casey (Dog), Kitty (Cat…real original, I know…lol)

    If You Could Be Anything, What Would You Be: a positive influence to others

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