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Product Spotlight

  • Graco Husky 515 Double Diaphragm Pump


    The Husky 515, 1/2 inch (12.7 mm), double diaphragm pump operates on as little as 20 psi  and is available in polypropylene, groundable acetal and PVDF materials of construction.

    • Delivery up to 15 gpm (56.7 lpm)
    • Easy-to-service air valve and ball checks
    • Reliable air valve for years of dependable performance
    • Lubrication
    • Chemical Transfer
    • Oil Transfer
    • Low-Viscosity Material Transfer
    Great for Using to Transfer:
    • Antifreeze
    • Detergents
    • Resins
    • Polymers
    • Motor Oil
    • Gear Oil
    • Hydraulic Fluid
    • Automatic Transmission Fluid
    • Cutting Oil
    • Water - Wastewater Treatment
    • Inks and Colorants
    Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
    100 psi
    Air Pressure Operating Range
    30 to 100 psi
    Maximum air consumption
    28 scfm
    Maximum free-flow delivery
    15 gpm
    Maximum pump speed
    400 cpm
    Gallons (Liters) per cycle
    Maximum suction lift (water with buna balls)
    15 ft dry, 25 ft wet
    Maximum size pumpable solids
    3/32 in
    Polypropylene pumps
    6.5 lb
    Acetal pumps
    7.8 lb
    PVDF pumps
    8.5 lb

    Buy Graco Husky 515 Double Diaphragm Pump from

  • Industrial Pressure Washers

    Industrial Pressure Washers

    Industrial Pressure WashersLooking for industrial pressure washers? We suggest Graco’s new NXT Air Motor, Hydra-Clean®  product line. These pressure washers are ideal for food processing facilities, heavy duty cleaning and maintenance, shipyards, oilrigs and other industrial applications. The Graco Hydra-Clean®  pressure washers contain pneumatically-driven pumps and are designed for ease of operation, maintenance and rugged dependability. These products provide high pressure for water and cleaning chemicals up to 3,000 PSI and flow rates up to 9 GPM.

    Whatever your industrial pressure washer needs, is confident with us you can find exactly what you are looking for. Download these products PDFs from Graco to learn more about their products:

    Graco-Hydra-Clean                         Graco-Hydra-Clean-Manual

    Graco-Mining-Applications                Graco-Drilling-Applications

    Buy the NXT Air Motor, Hydra-Clean industrial pressure washer at

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  • Firestone Air Springs in stock

    Firestone Air Springs

    Firestone Air SpringsNeed specifications on a certain Firestone Air Springs model? We carry 6 types of air springs that are designed and built for durability, performance and value. These air springs include: Single Convoluted, Double Convoluted, Triple Convoluted, Rolling Lobe, Reversible Sleeve and Shaped Sleeve. With this array of options we ar­e confident that you will find exactly what you need through us. offers the most reliable brands in industrial air springs. Through strict design parameters, Firestone air springs operate dependably in the toughest conditions and in many types of industrial applications. Firestone AirstrokeTM airbags and AiromaticTM polyactuators offer a short-stroke, high-force and single-acting pneumatic actuation for applications such as conveyors, lift tables and work holding devices.

  • RECON Discusses Industrial Energy Conservation

    Industrial Energy Conservation

    Tod Skinner of Livingston & Haven and Mike Huntley of RECON discuss the benefits of the 5th Fuel (the energy we don't use), and how RECON can help manufacturers realize energy savings through industrial energy conservation by using the RAP™ box.

    About The RECON Group:

    The RECON Group is a total energy efficiency provider and division of Livingston & Haven, a $70 million engineering services company based in Charlotte, N.C.

    We are dedicated to helping manufacturers improve their efficiency and management of their energy use and consumption.  Our name, RECON, is derived from the phrase "Resource Efficiency and CONservation," and speaks to our focus on optimizing our clients’ manufacturing operations.

    We can assist with industrial energy conservation for manufacturers of all kinds. Companies that have recently benefited from our capabilities include steel mills, automotive manufacturers, tire makers, paper mills and cement plants.

    Unlike other providers, we are data driven and provide guaranteed savings by systematically identifying opportunities for efficiencies on the factory floor. We then develop and deploy custom solutions that reduce energy consumption by as much as 50 percent, while often increasing throughput at the same time. These benefits promise a quick return on investment and make companies more competitive.


    Case Studies

    Audit and Redesign of Tire Press Saves Nearly $1 Million

    Bridgestone’s tire manufacturing plant near Aiken S.C. produces radial passenger tires and light truck tires in a state of the art facility that is LEED certified for its energy efficiency. Learn how the RECON Group helped Bridgestone find inefficiencies in their energy use by watching the video below!

  • Promote Industrial Energy Efficiency with the RAP Box

    Promote Industrial Energy Efficiency


    The RAP™ Box from the RECON Group is the ultimate solution for industrial energy efficiency and process data collection needs. Going beyond the capabilities of typical 'smart grid' type devices, the RAP™ Box also reports, provides alarming and allows for efficient management of resource and energy consumption within commercial and/or industrial environments.

    The RAP™ Box is an eCloud™ enabled monitoring and reporting device that allows users to explore their energy footprint for any process or building. By implementing RAP™, the user can identify energy inefficiencies and opportunities to improve their energy consumption. Once corrective actions are implemented, the RAP™ Box then provides verification of the correction and long term compliance monitoring.

    • Identify high energy consumption processes and areas
    • Allocate energy / C02 across all manufacturing processes
    • Benchmark for continuous process improvement
    • Quantify energy intensity at the machine level
    • Prioritize / verify energy efficiency measures
    • Optimize PM schedules and MTBF
    • Support ISO 50001
    • Indoor / Outdoor Communication
    • Secure Communication
      • Isolated Port Implementation, RAP Language, VPN*, X509*
    • Secure Storage
      • Indexed by Cust., Oracle, Incremental Backup, XML Data Call, Encoded Output
    • Canned / Customized Reporting
    • Alarming with Email Notification
    • Data Granularity
      • Down to 10 Second Increments

    Learn more about the RAP Box by calling MROstop at 866-388-7558 or go to the site to purchase the RAP Box and start your industrial energy efficiency how the rap box promotes industrial energy efficiency



  • Graco Drum Transfer Pumps

    Graco Transfer PumpsGraco Transfer Pumps are designed to function at air input pressures up to 180 psi (12 bar, 1.2 MPa) and provide a sleek, efficient circulation. Drum length and stubby designs are available for either drum transfer or wall-mounted siphon feed applications. Perfect for lower viscosity liquids with plate check options.

    • Air-powered for high reliability and low cost.
    • Typical fluid delivery up to 2.5 gpm (9.46 lpm), up to 360 psi (2.4 MPa, 24 bar) fluid pressure.
    • Divorced-style drum for leak-free operation.
    • Stainless steel construction.
    • Mountings available for wall mount configuration.

    Mrostop has a wide variety of Graco transfer pumps in stock.  Visit our site or call us at 866-388-7558 to place an order.

  • Graco Ink - Printing Pumps

    MRO Stop is proud to introduce new pumps! Our first announcement is in regards to our Graco ink - printing pumps.  Some of the benefits of these pumps include:

    • Prolonged seal life with enclosed, dual seal wet cup.
    • Runaway control with optional DataTrak.
    • MaxLife seal for longer life.
    • Handles the most difficult inks.
    • Available with hydraulic or pneumatic motors.
    • The applications are generally low to high volume multiple press printers using letterpress or lithographic inks, Ingredient supply to dispersion mixers.

  • Welding Hose

    Welding Hose
    Non-Conductive Cable Cover
    This hose has been designed for use as cable covering on water cooled welding systems. The synthetic textile spiral reinforcement provides a lightweight product that can be used in many applications that require a on-conductive construction and 200 PSI working pressures. Continue reading

  • Water Hose

    Water Hose

    Developed specifically for the food process industry, this blue, non-marking, oil and fat-resistant hose provides 1500 PSI working pressure for efficient in-plant washdown service.
    Heavy Duty Water Discharge Hose
    This is the tough one – designed for heavy-duty water discharge applications. The combination of a heavy wall and 200 PSI working pressure rating (150 PSI in 10 in. ID size) make this the right hose for applications that need extra capacity and durability.
    ECW™ hose is primarily designed for use in food plants, breweries and any place a flexible, lightweight washdown hose is needed. Validated permanent crimp specs are available.
    Furnace Door Coolant Hose
    The hose is designed for industrial
    cooling applications with melting furnaces at steel mills, glassworks, foundries, etc., and other work sites that require a hose to withstand high external temperatures.
    For standard to heavy duty water discharge applications in construction, agriculture, general industry and mining.
    The HDW Heavy Duty Washdown hose is designed for general washdown and equipment cleaning requirements in food processing, dairy product processing, and industrial plants.
    Heater Hose
    Lightweight hose designed for automotive coolant heater hose service. Also ideal for low pressure water discharge. Resistant to LASSO® herbicide.
    This “Made in the U.S.A.” hose offers high pressure (3000 PSI) and temperature (250°F) capability for many industrial pressure washer applications.
    This water suction hose is designed to handle a wide range of applications in industry, construction and agriculture. The tough, flexible EPDM rubber construction will resist abrasion, weathering and the effects of agricultural herbicides and other mild chemicals.
    WILDCATTER® hose is a general purpose washdown hose, designed with a rugged yet flexible construction for ease of handling in many tough applications including breweries, dairies, food plants, paper mills and oil rigs.

    Find Industrial Water Hose at:

  • Steam Hose

    Steam Hose
    DRAGON BREATH® Butyl Steam Hose
    A premium steam hose designed for saturated steam applications at pressures to 250 PSI and temperatures to 406° F. This hose will also handle super heated steam to 250 PSI and 450° F. The steel wire braids provide maximum strength and can be utilized as a static wire to make the hose assembly electrically conductive.
    DRAGON BREATH® 250 Steam Hose
    This hose is designed for saturated steam (250 PSI at 406° F) or super heated steam service (250 PSI at 450° F). The double wire braid offers maximum strength
    and can be utilized as a static wire to make the hose assembly electrically conductive. The oil resistant cover (RMA Class B) makes the hose ideal for refinery service.
    STEAM – LANCE® 250
    Designed for saturated steam applications at pressures to 250 PSI and temperatures to 406° F. This hose will also handle super heated steam to 250 PSI and 450° F. The steel wire braids provide maximum strength and can be utilized as a static wire to make the hose assembly electrically conductive. Validated permanent crimp specs are available.

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