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How to Ensure Your Donaldson Air Filter is Working Properly

Many rely on Donaldson Air filter products for their property because of their quality materials and track record of fantastic performance. However, there are things you can do to ensure your filter is working in optimal conditions. This not only improves performance, but also can extend the life of your filter. Here are a couple things you should do to make sure everything is working properly:

Perform Visual Inspections

On a regular basis, take a look at your filter. If you see any visible damage, you should replace your filter immediately. If there is no visible damage, look for things such as dust leakage or damage to the seal itself. By doing this, you can tell when your Donaldson air filter needs to be replaced, but you can also see if any of the surrounding elements need replacing.

Use the Right Filter for the Climate you’re In

This might seem obvious, but many people forget this simple rule. Donaldson air filter products are designed for different environments. So, if you’re using a filter that is for an urban area, but you are in a more industrial area, it isn’t working properly. Be sure to take into account what type of environment you are in when installing a new filter.

Make Sure Dirty Elements Are Clean

While your filter might seem clean upon installation, if the surrounding elements aren’t clean, your filter won’t be working the way it should. Before installing, make sure the parts surrounding the element are clean. Removing the filter can dirty up these parts, thus leaving the dirt for the new filter. Also, when inspecting, make sure those elements are staying clean, or as clean as possible. While you can’t totally prevent it becoming dirty after installation, just make sure a mass amount of dirt and debris isn’t affecting your Donaldson Air Filter.

Taking just a couple extra steps to ensure your filter is working properly can save you time, money, and even some frustration in the long run. A Donaldson air filter is a quality choice when deciding on a filter, so you’re in good shape as you install. For more on Donaldson products and more air filter information, visit There, you can get expert advice and find all of the products you need for a successful repair.


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