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Firestone Style Number Changes

MRO Shop Talk
Expert: Andy Crowley
Subject: Firestone Style Numbers

On this episode of MRO Shop Talk, Pneumatic Expert Andy Crowley discusses some recent Part number changes you might see with Firestone equipment.

Recently Firestone quietly adopted a change to some of the style numbers for double and triple convoluted air springs.  We haven’t seen too many people looking for the new numbers yet, and we still refer to the old numbers in our part number descriptions, but we wanted to let our customers know that they may see different numbers cast into the parts they receive.  The number cast into the elastomer is the only change; there are no changes to fit form or function.  The reason for the change is for Firestone’s reference to indicate a tooling change at the factory.  Here are the affected numbers:

  • STYLE 268 (formerly 25)
  • STYLE 267-1.5 (formerly 255-1.5)
  • STYLE 274 (formerly 20)
  • STYLE 215 (formerly 211)
  • STYLE 321 (formerly 319)
  • STYLE 1T15LP-3 (formerly 1T15S-6)


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