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Food Grade Hose

Food Grade Hose

Do you need an FDA approved hose that is designed to handle sensitive materials like non-fatty food, pellets, potable water, debris, grains, and granules? The MRO Stop blog is here to shed some light on a couple of our most popular offerings in the Food Grade Hose category from Parker Industrial Hose.

Parker Food Grade Hose is specially designed to meet all FDA requirements & specifications for safe handling of liquid, air, and powdered foods.  Series 7581, Thoro-Braid, clear PVC Hose is designed to transfer dry abrasive materials. These can include grains, granules, pellets, and powders. In addition the Thoro-Braid was designed for beverages, non-fatty and non-oily foods, and sanitary products. The Thoro-Braid hose offers full-flow and is constructed to not impart any taste or order. The hose also features a tube that is abrasion resistant. The hose is clear PVC so the material being transferred is easily observed for visual reference. As an additional visual reference and for color coding efficiency there is also a red tracer line down the hose. For general industrial service in air, flexible conduit, and water applications the Thoro-Braid offers excellent service.PVC Suction Hose

Parker Food Grade Dynaflex Clear Corrugated PVC Suction hose, Series 7563, is a suction and discharge hose that is lightweight and flexible. This hose, along with series 7564 (medium duty) and 7570 (heavy duty), is designed for use with debris, grains, granules, pellets, and powders. Non-fatty and non-oily foods, liquids, and sanitary products are also suitable for transport using the Dynaflex series hose. Another use is transport of potable water in a variety of applications. The Dynaflex series 7563, series 7564, and series 7570 all feature a clear PVC hose wall to allow visual observation.

Parker Food Grade Dynaflex Series 7570 is a heavy duty PVC suction and discharge hose. The 7570 series features a stronger Wire Helix reinforcement that provides added strength on top of the features of both the 7563 and the 7564 series Dynaflex hose.


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