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Graco Drum Pumps: Tips to Keep Equipment in Top Condition

Graco Drum Pumps are a fantastic addition to any business or project. As a quality piece of equipment, they make reliable investment and lighten the workload. However, by not checking the pump and its additional components periodically, you’re throwing away money on your investment. Since you probably don’t want to replace your drum pump all that often, you should perform checks on the following and do maintenance as needed.

Basic Inspections to the Pump
This seems like a no brainer, but many people forget to just check on their pump! Look for loose items, broken parts, and visible damage that may go undetected on a day to day basis. Also, Graco Drum Pumps come with a manual. Sit down with it and see if there’s any preventative maintenance they suggest.

Using the Right Hose
Not using the right tubing for your pump can also cause damage. Graco Drum Pumps can be used for a variety of projects, making them an extremely versatile product. However, not using the right tubing can cause a significant amount of damage not only to the pump, but also to the liquid you’re using, and possibly to the employee coming in contact with the liquid.

What Condition is Your Hose Clamp In?
The clamp that goes around the tubing is extremely important in making sure the pump stays in top condition. Remember, Graco Drum Pumps are and investment and significantly aid in the time work can take. With a loose or broken clamp, pumps can work harder than they need to, causing stress and later breakage.

Graco Drum Pumps have been a trusted aid in many businesses work processes for years. Investing in one of these products can really help your maintenance projects become more efficient and less time consuming. However, like any big investment, making sure your equipment is in top condition is key. Taking the time to regularly inspect your drum pump, along with its attachments, can be the difference between costly repairs and the small amount of time it takes to just check your equipment.

If you aren’t sure what you should do to repair or complete preventative maintenance on any of your equipment, call on Our team of experts can help you at any time, getting your equipment back to working condition and you back to work.


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