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Graco Husky Diaphragm Pumps at

Graco's air-operated double diaphragm pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications, including corrosive and abrasive fluid transfer.  These Husky model pumps feature a patented air valve design with a three-way pilot valve for true non-sticking operation.  They are offered in a variety of different materials and connection sizes.  Here's a quick overview of some of the most common models.

Husky 515 -  1/2" Double Diaphragm Pump

The Husky 515 operates on as little as 20 psi (1.4 bar, 0.14 MPa) and is available in groundable acetal, polypropylene and PVDF materials of construction.


  • Fully-groundable acetal model
  • Delivery up to 7 gpm (26.5 lpm)
  • Easy-to-service air valve and ball checks
  • Reliable air valve for years of dependable performance

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Husky 716 - 3/4" Double Diaphragm Pump
This 3/4-inch pump has an external controller for remote control capabilities and is available in aluminum and 316 stainless steel construction.
  • 3/4 in (19.05 mm) center- and end-porting
  • No seals to leak or fail
  • Quiet running less than 85 dBa with easy-to-use remote muffler capability for even lower noise levels
  • Easy-to-service air valve and ball checks

  Husky 1050 - 1" Double Diaphragm Pump
            Our new 1 inch double diaphragm pump features a stall-free, low pulsation air valve   which provides a smooth and rapid changeover. Available in aluminum, polypropylene, conductive polypropylene, PVDF, stainless steel and hastelloy fluid sections.
 Use the HUSKY 1050 SELECTOR TOOL to choose the right pump for your application!
  • Gold winner in the 2010 Plant Engineering Product of the Year contest!
  • 30% more efficient than the market leader
  • 20% increase in fluid flow compared to the Husky 1040
  • Up to 5 times longer diaphragm life compared to other double diaphragm pumps in its class
  • Expanded material offering to handle endless applications

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Husky 1590 - 1-1/2" Double Diaphragm Pump
 This 1-1/2 inch pump offers a patented, high-reliability closed center air valve that is online serviceable and an epoxy-coated air section for tough environmental conditions.
  • 1-1/2 in. (38.1 mm) ANSI end-porting
  • High flow - 100 gpm (378 lpm) in a compact, portable size
  • Fluid pressure to 120 psi (8.4 bar, 0.84 MPa)
  • Lube-free operation
  • Available in polypropylene, kynar, aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Epoxy-coated air section for tough environmental conditions
Husky 2150 - 2" Double Diaphragm Pump
 This 2-inch pump offers larger ports for increased flow. Available in aluminum, 316 stainless steel, ductile iron, polypropylene and PVDF.
  • 2 in (51 mm) ANSI end-porting
  • Fluid flow up to 150 gpm (568 lpm)
  • Fluid pressure to 120 psi (8.4 bar, 0.84 MPa)
  • Lube-free operation
  • Epoxy-coated air section for tough environmental conditions
  • 5-year warranty on wetted parts and 15-year warranty on center sections
Husky 3275 - 3" Double Diaphragm Pump
 This 3-inch pump has bolted leak-free flanged connections and is available in aluminum construction.
  • 3 in (76.2 mm) ANSI center-porting
  • Fluid flow up to 275 gpm (1040 lpm)
  • Large flow paths for handling high viscosities
  • Easy air valve maintenance
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Epoxy-coated air section for tough environmental conditions

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