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How to Tell if it is Time to Replace Your Firestone Air Springs

Replacing your Firestone Air Springs is a crucial part of any maintenance plan. But knowing when to replace your air springs can sometimes be difficult to decide. The wear, any damage, mileage are all factors into when you should replace them. Ultimately, there isn’t a concrete answer, but these are some reasons that point to replacement.

First thing’s first. Be sure to perform regular inspections. Take note of mileage, any damages to the Firestone air springs, and service notes. You may be able to establish some kind of pattern if you keep excellent records. However, pay attention to the vehicle’s maintenance guidelines. It may say at what mileage you should perform an inspection.

Know what damage to a Firestone Air Spring look like.
Misalignments, loose girdle loops, cuts, dropping, and over extension are all damages that can typically occur. Cracks, holes, and tears are other common signs too. You can examine these to really get an understanding of the type of damage your vehicle’s air springs have. Be sure to clean the bags with a solution to get the best view of any possible damage.

How long you have had the air springs can also determine if you need to change them. If the Firestone air springs are original to the vehicle that you’ve been driving for a while, it’s probably time to change them. Also, some mechanics have noted that it is sometimes hard to replace your air springs all at once, so only one at a time might be changed. Keeping accurate service logs is a way to make sure that your air springs get changed properly.

While many use Firestone air springs, there still isn’t a concrete timeline as to when you should change out your parts. Many experts say that replacement really does vary from vehicle to vehicle. However, keeping accurate logs of service and inspections is a great way to combat the unknown of air spring replacement. For more resources, products, and parts visit! We have experts who can help you find the right part and answer any questions you have.


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