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3 Killer Tips For Hydraulic Filter Storage

hydraulic filter storage

1. Filters must be completely sealed during storage

Otherwise you run the risk of outside contaminants on what should be a brand new clean filter. Metal shelving can cause condensation to form on filters if sitting directly on metal, causing the filter to degrade and rust over time, rendering it useless.

2. Always handle filters with the utmost care

Especially if they are not in a box or sealed up. This also pertains to the transportation of filters to and from the job site. Never let filters roll around in the bed or floorboard of a truck.

3. Utilize the ‘FIFO’ methodology when using filters

FIFO stands for ‘First In First Out’ , it will serve you well to always use the older inventory first. Make sure filter boxes or containers are properly labeled with dates and information. If you have to pull the filter out every time to see if it is the one you need you are actively increasing the chances of that filter becoming contaminated.


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