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Hydraulic Hose Failures and Fixes

MRO Stop - Ask the Expert
MRO Shop Talk

Expert: Sonny Austin
Subject: Hydraulic Hose Failure Analysis

On this episode of MRO Shop Talk, store manager Sonny Austin is discussing common hydraulic hose failures seen in the field, going over symptoms, causes and resolutions.

Hi, I'm Sonny Austin, store manager of Charlotte MRO Stop. I’d like to talk with you for just a couple of minutes about hydraulic hose failure. One thing we see in the store periodically is a hose that’s been pushed passed its bend radius. Now, what that means is that this hose, for instance, may be designed to flex this amount but it had been put in a situation where it flexes this amount and what happens there is the braid inside the hose gets stretched here and compressed here. Also the flow path for hydraulic fluid gets restricted as it makes its turn. This will lead to a can lead to a failure, actually a lot of times, you'll see a hose blowout this way because fluid’s trying to be forced straight through and it usually pops a hole here in this side of the hose. There are hoses available that have smaller bend radiuses but also may require a rerouting to avoid this condition. Another thing that we see a lot here at the store is abrasion. You can see that the hose cover have been abraded probably rubbing against a piece of steel, maybe on a frame rail, and has rubbed all the way through the cover and into the actual steel braid itself and then there's also another rub up here. That's going to lead to obvious hose failure. A good solution for a problem like that is to look at protecting the hose before it’s installed with some sort of a hose guard. There is a cloth protector out. This is the Parker AS-B cloth. It’s a heavy braid nylon, obviously, very flexible but it's there to help keep from rubbing. You can put it between hoses, when hoses rub together or when a rub up against another piece of the equipment. Also available, is a protective hose guard wrap. It’s a heavy plastic spiral wrap. So, you can maintain flexibility. It's very good for rub protection and also from protection against the article of maybe a piece of equipment or something running into the hose. We also have available a spring guard which has another level of protection for people possibly having to touch this hose if it’s hot by any chance and also protection against rub as well. Appreciate your time today. Thanks a lot.

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