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Identify Current Graco Part #s for Old Lubriquip Items

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Up until 2006, Lubriquip was a leading manufacturer of centralized and automated oil and grease lubrication systems, force-feed lubricators, metering devices and related electronic controls and accessories. The company served diverse applications in machine tools, transfer machines, conveyors, packaging machinery, transportation equipment, construction machinery, mobile on-road vehicles, rail applications, food processing and paper machinery.

In 2006 however, Lubriquip was purchased by another long-time leader in the lubrication industry, Graco Inc.  During the transition, many of Lubriquip's  products were assigned new part #s.  Fortunately, a simple cross-reference tool has been provided to identify the new part #s.  Click Here to Cross-Reference Lubriquip Part #s with Current Graco #s.

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