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Acronym to Guide in Hose Selection

How To Select a Hose

Several things must be known before the proper hose can be selected for any hose application. The acronym STAMPED can be the key to having the required information in most cases.

SIZEThe appropriate inside and outside diameters and length of the hose should be determined.

TEMPERATUREThe maximum temperature of the material being conveyed, and external temperature.

APPLICATIONExternal conditions including abrasion, climate, heat, flexing, crushing, kinking and degrees of  bending.

MATERIALThe composition of the substance being conveyed and compatibility with the hose.

PRESSUREThe maximum pressure of the system, including pressure spikes.

ENDSThe appropriate end connections and attachment method for the application.

DELIVERYTesting, quality, packaging and delivery requirements.

Complicated applications or an application requiring special made-to-order hose may require more detailed information.


Once the basic needs for your application have been identified, view Parker's Industrial Hose Catalog here to see more specific product details, and choose a part #.




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