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MRO Shop Talk - Parker High Pressure Quick Disconnect Hose Fittings

MRO Stop - Ask the Expert
MRO Shop Talk

Expert: Sonny Austin
Subject: Parker High Pressure Quick Disconnect Hose Fittings

On this episode of MRO Shop Talk, store manager Sonny Austin is discussing high pressure quick disconnects from Parker, including pressures, sizes, and common uses.

Hi, I’m Sonny with MRO Stop and I’d like to take a couple minutes here just to talk to you about some high-pressure quick disconnects from Parker. This is the 3000 series quick disconnect. You'll see these quite often on hydraulic rams, crimping equipment and hydraulic jacks. These couplers are rated for 10,000 psi and the connection is done by pushing the nipple in and then manually threading the two pieces together. When you completely get them threaded together, you’ve completely opened the valve. If the connection becomes a little bit loose, what will happen, is there is a check valve inside the ram to keep the fluid in so that the jack doesn't accidentally fall. They’re also available with metal covers which are highly recommended to keep dirt out of the coupler. Thanks for your time today.

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