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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Graco Drum Pump

Drum pumps are a very important part of many businesses’ equipment. When they break, you usually need to replace them as quickly as possible to get back on track. However, if you haven’t replaced a Graco drum pump before, this can be a daunting task. By answering these questions, along with talking with a mechanics expert, you can find the pump that is right for your job and get back to work.

1. Decide how the Pump is Being Used.

What kind of head and flow do you need to support?
What chemicals are you pumping?
Is the material of the pump you are looking at compatible for what you are pumping?
These are some of the many things you need to know and look at before even looking at Graco drum pumps. Other things to think about are viscosity, fluid temperature, container size, and motor preferences.

2. What Kind of Motor Do You Need?

Depending on what you are pumping, its temperature, and what you are trying to accomplish all determine what kind of motor you need in your Graco drum pump. Types of motors include splash and explosion proof, enclosed, and air. Again, if you aren’t sure what you really need, talking to an expert can be helpful. Especially with this question!

3. What Kind of Accessories Will your Pump Need?

Between different hoses, flow meters, nozzles, lubricators, and strainers your pump may need one or multiple to keep them running properly. Take notice of what kind of pump you are using, read up on any articles, and see which accessories are recommended for the Graco drum pump you are using to find the best fit.

When choosing a pump for your machinery, finding the right pump the first time can be crucial to operation. Just remember to think about the pump and how it is used, the motor needed, and any accessories you may need to purchase. When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to talk to someone who has worked with Graco Drum Pumps to make sure what you’re using is compatible. For more or to talk to an expert, contact us at


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