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    Mel explains the features and benefits of the Mitsubishi A700 VFD.

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  •'s Guide to Mitsubishi VFDs

    Mitsubishi VFD Overview

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    Mitsubishi VFDs achieve high precision and fast responses that exceed the performance of conventional general-purpose inverters. Mitsubishi VFD's can be used in specialized applications such as line control and elevators. By incorporating our original all-digital vector control, high starting torque and high speed response have been made possible for both velocity and torque control modes. The following is a run-down of currently available products.

    Mitsubishi A700 VFD

    Mitsubishi A700 VFDThe Mitsubishi A700 VFD is a high performance drive that replaces the popular A500(L) series. The Mitsubishi A700 VFD features many of the special technologies originally developed for Mitsubishi Electric servo drive products, such as adaptive auto-tuning that automatically compensates for changes in load inertia. The result is smoother operation, less downtime and ultimately, lower operating costs. Control modes include Velocity, Torque and Positioning. Real Sensorless Vector allows Zero speed holding torque and torque control without the need for an encoder. Mitsubishi's 'Real Sensorless Vector' or RSV motor control system provides unequalled dynamic performance, ensuring a wider speed range, smoother operation and lower motor currents than ever before. RSV starts with a highly accurate motor 'map', obtained during an auto-tune procedure which applies alternating voltage to the motor and determines critical motor characteristics. At the heart of RSV is the Adaptive Flux Observer system which compares actual motor behavior during operation with the theoretical model. Instead of a response to a change in load or speed being fixed, any variations between the theoretical and the actual motor response measured in operation are analyzed by the Flux Observer, which constantly refines the motor map as speed and load conditions change.- Wide Speed Range: 200:1 operating range is possible - even when the drive is used 'open loop'
    - PLC Feature: A700 programmability provides true intelligence inside the drive - a simple solution for complex applications
    - Easy Gain Tuning: Compensates automatically for changes in load inertia to ensure smooth and consistent operation
    - Fast Response: Up to 300 radians / second speed response means lightning fast reaction to sudden load changes
    - USB Port: Allows simple connection to the new FR-Configurator Software for quick and easy commissioning
    - Power Down Braking: Keeps the motor under control even if the supply power is lost
    - Remote I / O Capability: All of the drive I/O can be read or controlled over a network
    - Brake Transistor Circuit: Included in all sizes up to 30 Hp
    - Integral Radio Filter: Limits Radio Noise emissions to meet EU Directive - all sizes of drive
    - Speed Control: with or without torque limit allows 200:1 Speed range, driving or overhaulingOpen Loop Torque Control: including torque at zero speed
    - UL Listed for single-phase input

    Mitsubishi D700 VFD

    Mitsubishi D700 VFDThe Mitsubishi D700 VFD is the Low Cost direct replacement for the S500 & S500E Variable Frequency Drives and includes the following improvements:- Improved speed range. 150% or more motor torque is now possible at 1 Hz using General Purpose Magnetic Flux Vector control, giving a smooth open loop speed range of 60:1.
    - More interoperability. The D700 communications include Modbus RTU as well as Mitsubishi Electric's own RS 485 programming protocol (supported as standard).
    - Remote operation. Drive I/O can be remotely operated over any supported network, regardless of what the drive is doing.
    - Easy mounting. In smaller panel spaces, the D700 can be "bookshelf' mounted without a gap in between, and DIN Rail mounting is also possible.
    100kA fault-withstand rating simplifies panel construction.
    - Safety Stop Function. The D700 comes standard with a safety stop circuit allowing the removal of a previously required external contactor and is EN951-1 Category 3 and IEC60204-1 Stop Category 0 compliant.
    - RoHS compliant. Approved for installation on Europe-bound machines.
    - High accuracy. Analog inputs/outputs provide master/slave control.
    - "Maintenance free." Intelligent fan control, fewer moving parts, more robust bus capacitors and custom-made intelligent power modules are all designed to have a 10-year operating life so that users can install the D700 and forget it.

    Mitsubishi E700 VFD

    Mitsubishi E700 VFDThe Mitsubishi E700 VFD is the latest generation of Mitsubishi Electric's Micro Sized Variable Frequency Drives. The Mitsubishi E700 VFD replaces the popular E500 VFD and utilizes the same mounting foot print. Advanced features and functions such as USB port for commissioning and monitoring, embedded M-dial and display, increased low speed performance and the ability to install one of the many 700 VFD option cards allows the E700 to be used in the most demanding applications. With a standard 5 year warranty, quality and reliability is essentially guaranteed. The Mitsubishi E700 VFD promises to continue Mitsubishi's long history of providing the best micro drive in the industry.Simple to Use- Standard M-dial and display makes setup and monitoring easy
    - USB port allows setup & troubleshooting via PC
    - RJ45 port supports optional alpha numeric keypadAdaptable- Removable control I/O card simplifies wiring
    - Connection to various networks possible using option card
    - Increased I/O possible with installed option card
    - Special I/O cards tailored to meet specific applications

    Simple to Maintain

    - 10 year maintenance free design life
    - Self diagnostic warnings for key internal components
    - Easy to replace cooling fan requiring no tools


    - UL / cUL / CE approved
    - RoHS compliant
    - Approved at 100K Symmetrical Amps


    - Available in 240V and 480V up to 20HP
    - Available in 115V up to 1HP
    - Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control for improved starting torque and smooth low speed motor operation
    - Auto-tuning allows improved performance using virtually any manufacturer's motor
    - All capacities include built-in brake chopper
    - USB communications allow fast commissioning and troubleshooting
    - Standard RS485 serial communications supporting Modbus® RTU
    - Sink / Source selectable I/O
    - Supports remote I/O function via network
    - Built-in PID Control
    - Delivers rated current at 50°C and 14.5kHz carrier frequency with minimal de-rating
    - 200% overload for 3 seconds
    - 0 to 10V analog output
    - CC-Link®, DeviceNet%u2122, Profibus-DP, LonWorks®
    - Standard 5 year warranty

    Mitsubishi F700 VFD

    Mitsubishi  F700 VFDThe specifications of the Mitsubishi F700 VFD make this VFD from Mitsubishi Electric an absolute must for your drive systems. The Mitsubishi F700 inverter is built to optimize 3-phase motor control, saving energy for virtually all general purpose applications.PRODUCT FEATURES:- Programmable Timer: Generates a signal dependent on drive operating time - useful to plan scheduled machine maintenance.
    - Independent RS-485 Connections: Allow serial communications and keypad operation at the same time with no options needed. F700 supports Modbus RTU as well as the standard Mitsubishi Electric protocol.
    - Complies with Global Standards: UL, cUL, GOST, JEM, and CE marked for use in Europe. A radio filter is included in the drive as standard to meet European EMC levels (2nd Enviromental).
    - Improved Field Bus Capability: Now includes Profibus DP, Lon Works, CC-Link, DeviceNet, Metasys N2 and Siemens FLN.
    - Overvoltage Avoidance: The F700 measures DC bus levels when decelerating and controls drive speed to eliminate nuisance tripping.
    - Windmill Start: F700 measures residual motor slot ripple to determine both the speed and direction of rotation of a coasting motor and can swiftly and smoothly bring it under control when required - whichever way it's spinning.
    - Enhanced Energy Savings: An improved version of Mitsubishi Electric's famous energyoptimization software boosts motor efficiency to unprecedented levels and intelligently maximizes energy savings.
    - UL Type 1, Plenum Rated, Enclosure Designs (NEMA 1): Drive can be mounted as a stand-alone unit. Single Phase Input: UL/cUL Listed for use with Single Phase Input supply.
    - Ease of Programming: Taken to higher levels with the new DU07 programming dial and FR-Configurator programming software.

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