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  • Introducing Ace Shock Absorbers

    Ace Shock AbsorbersAce Shock Absorbers

    ACE is the World leader in deceleration technology. Ace shock absorbers perform a range of functions including preventing impact damage, improving product performance, providing longer life and reliability, and decelerating loads, enabling mechanical devices to operate smoothly and efficiently. Ace Shock Absorbers encompass new innovations including the award winning SC2 Heavyweight Series and the adjustable and self-compensating industrial shock absorber models. This can benefit multiple industries including steel, material handling, robotics, automotive, medical and many more.  ACE Shock absorbers are made in the USA and every shock is tested 100% before shipping.

    ACE Miniature Shock Absorbers are self-contained hydraulic units. The MC 5 to MC 75 model range has a very short overall length and low return force. Its small size allows for high energy absorption in confined spaces, while the wide effective weight ranges accommodate a variety of load conditions. With threaded outer bodies and multiple accessories, MC models can be mounted in numerous configurations.

    ACE’s award winning SC2 300 and SC2 650 Heavyweight Series Shock Absorbers deliver up to 950% of the effective weight capacity and 280% of the energy absorption capability of standard models. These durable units are ideal for decelerating heavy weights moving at low velocities. The Heavyweight Series design combines the piston and the inner tube into a single component, the piston tube. It acts as both the pressure creating and pressure controlling device.  ACE’s SC2 300 and SC2 650 Heavyweight Series Shock Absorbers offer expanded effective weight ranges and dramatic increases in energy absorption capability, for handling a wider range of applications.  These revolutionary shock absorbers provide dual performance benefits. They offer soft contact deceleration where initial impact reaction forces are very low with the advantages of self compensation to cope with changing input energy conditions without adjustment.

    ACE MA Series miniature shock absorbers offer a compact design with true linear deceleration, and are adjustable over a wide range of conditions. If your preference is a fully adjustable shock absorber rather than a self-compensating model on your application, then the MA Series provides a directly interchangeable alternative.

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