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  • General Purpose Air Hose

    General Purpose Air Hose

    Parker Push-Lok Multipurpose hose is easily the most versatile general purpose hose on the market. It’s easy to see why when checking out the feature rich hose. The 801 Multipurpose has the broadest fluid compatibility application range and size range in the industry. Couple this with the fact that it also has the highest working pressure in all sizes, has an amazingly simple Push-Lok system that requires no clamping or special tools, and an exclusive color coding system that makes inventory and identification supremely efficient.  For leak-free service the Push-Lok systems offers a unique seal that is reliable and durable. Push-Lok hose provides the ability to construct assemblies in seconds, which adds considerable value in saving time and cost.

     Push-Lok 801 is approved for both HY Series crimp fittings and 82 series push on. Push-Lok Plus 804 comes with an EPDM inner tube. This provides for hot water, dry air, and phosphate ester fluids. 804 should not be used with lubricated air or oil based media. If you’ve got a higher pressure system, like shop air for example, Push-Lok 821 is a perfect choice. This hose is approved with 82 Series fittings. It can also be purchased with a fire-resistant (FR) cover if you need to use it near welding applications. If you’ve got a high temperature and/or a higher working pressure than 821 your best bet would be Push-Lok Plus 836. This hose is rated for up to 302 degrees F heat-resistant performance, and can also be used with HY and 82 Series fittings.

    Air Hose

    Push-Lok offers a great advantage in the color-coded hose offerings. Many applications feature a number of lines each carrying a different media, and Push-Lok color coding can reduce line tracing and improve efficiency. Imagine downtime from disconnecting the wrong line…this can be avoided completely using Parker Push-Lok color coding. In addition, color coding enhances product appearance, improves inventory control, and identifies industrial drop lines.

    Fast-Stor Assemblies from Parflex, Parkers Coiled Air Hose, are Self-Retracting hose assemblies. These assemblies are manufactured from a nylon that is extremely tough and abrasion resistant. Fast-Stor is perfectly suited for long service life in rugged applications, as it features extremely good memory characteristics over a wide range of temperatures. Service temperature range is -40F to +200F. Fast-Stor is manufactured in “Safety Yellow” making it sought after in the industry due to OSHA directives.

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    Air Hose Construction


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