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  • Replacing Goodyear Air Springs with Firestone Air Springs

    Firestone-Goodyear-Air-Spring-Crossover-ChartDid you know that most Firestone Industrial air springs have direct crossover part numbers for Goodyear Air Springs?  The Firestone brand is internationally known and customers trust Firestone air spring's quality, reliability and unparalleled service for their application.  Firestone has single, double and triple convoluted air springs as well as styles like rolling lobe, reversible sleeve and shaped sleeve air springs that are direct replacements for Goodyear products.  Before crossing over your air spring, make sure to check product specifications.  You can check these specifications on most Firestone air spring product pages on MRO Stop, in the downloads section.  There we have Goodyear pdfs for you to review and determine if a Firestone air spring can be used as a replacement in you application.  We have also created a handy crossover chart for you to use online or for you to download.  Thanks for shopping at MRO Stop, your one stop shop for industrial air springs!

    Download Goodyear Air Spring Crossover Chart Online Goodyear Air Spring Crossover Chart

  • Identification of Firestone Heavy Duty Air Spring Style Numbers

    Style numbers are the method Firestone uses to describe the form of the rubber and fabric bellows used in our air spring assemblies. This bellows style is the major contributor to the physical performance characteristics of the Firestone air spring assembly, and is the first piece of information necessary to identify a part in the field.

    firestone-air-sping-style-numberMolded into the sidewall of each Convoluted and 1T style Firestone bellows is a style number. It can take the form of up to three distinct groups of letters and numbers. First there may be a group of one to three letters, normally “K” or “AY”. This is a designation of the manufacturing entity. It is not important to your identification. Next will be a more familiar series of numbers and letters like 26C or 1T15M6. This is the style number. Finally there may be an additional letter like “E”. This is just a designation of the firestone-air-sping-style-number-2mold cavity that the part was cured in (in the case of “E” it would be the 5th mold cavity). Again, this is not important to your identification.

    Now, we need to explain a bit more about the style number itself. A convoluted part will normally be a 2 or 3 digit number, perhaps with a “-” after it. However, after all of the numbers there will be a letter like B, C, D, etc. This is just a designation of the latest design iteration. In most cases this will not affect the performance of the part since it should meet the same performance criteria in order to keep the same style number. However, for complete-ness in communication it is usually best when calling in to tell Firestone this letter if you can read it. (i.e. 22B or 22C).

    On the 1T style parts we need the whole character string (i.e. 1T15M-6). The 1T designates a heavy duty rolling part with a piston or pedestal on one end. The number after 1T refers to the basic family size of the part (i.e. 14, 15, 19, etc.) The next few letters give us specific performance characteristics, and finally the number after the “-” indicates the length of the part. This whole string is necessary to determine the style number.

  • Industrial Air Spring Failure Causes

    When applied and maintained properly, industrial air springs can last for long amounts of time, trouble-free of service.  Most failures are caused by a lack of suspension maintenance or improper application. Common failures are caused by misalignments, loose girdle hoops, abrasions, air spring overextension and the bottoming out of air springs.  Download Firestone's guide to common air spring failures that are usually not covered by warranty.

  • Firestone Air Springs in stock

    Firestone Air Springs

    Firestone Air SpringsNeed specifications on a certain Firestone Air Springs model? We carry 6 types of air springs that are designed and built for durability, performance and value. These air springs include: Single Convoluted, Double Convoluted, Triple Convoluted, Rolling Lobe, Reversible Sleeve and Shaped Sleeve. With this array of options we ar­e confident that you will find exactly what you need through us. offers the most reliable brands in industrial air springs. Through strict design parameters, Firestone air springs operate dependably in the toughest conditions and in many types of industrial applications. Firestone AirstrokeTM airbags and AiromaticTM polyactuators offer a short-stroke, high-force and single-acting pneumatic actuation for applications such as conveyors, lift tables and work holding devices.

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