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  • Selecting the Right Hydraulic Filter

    Filter Selection Guide

    Contaminants are the enemy of hydraulic circuits in applications worldwide. Inefficiency and downtime are the two most costly repercussions caused by a variety of contaminants, often resulting in excessive repair. The most important defense against inefficiency and downtime is the protection of the hydraulic circuits more sensitive components; this is the path to effective contamination control.

    How do you know which housing style or filter is the best for protecting your systems and equipment?

    Here are some steps to help you identify the correct parts for efficient contamination control.

    1.Determine Operating Pressure and Flow Rate

    Identify the most critical component in you systems hydraulic operating environment. Now think of two factors that are critical to keeping the component performing properly. Ex. Nominal and Maximum Operating Pressure or Nominal and Maximum Flow Rate

    2.Select Filter-Housing Model

    Donaldson Filters has a great filter selection guide that can help you identify exactly what meets your requirements.

    Donaldson Filter Selection Guide

    3.Consider Application Factors

    Once you identify the appropriate housing and filters you must take into consideration others factors that play into the components maintenance and protection

    4.Choose the Appropriate Accessories

    There are all types of different filter accessories that can help you in your contamination control efforts and prolong the life of your filters. Breathers, suction strainers, or gauges are all important parts of the overall system.

    5.On-Going Contamination Control Practices

    Contamination control is an ongoing process and requires routine checks and balances to maintain the components. Regular fluid analysis help monitor fluid contamination and condition.

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