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  • Petroleum and LP Gas Hose

    Parker Petroleum and LP Gas hose line is a mix of hoses specifically designed to deal with LP and Petroleum gases that are highly flammable and potentially dangerous. These gases are typically used for heating appliances and vehicle applications. To accommodate for the safe and effective transfer of LP Gas and Petroleum, Parker has designed several different series of hoses to choose from with respect to your specific application. In the following post the MRO Stop team will discuss a couple of these hose products in detail as well as some specific applications for use.

    Parker Petroleum LP Gas HoseParker LP Gas Hose Series 7132 is a lightweight and flexible LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)/Propane hose for delivery and transfer. The hose construction is reinforced for kink resistance and flexibility. The outside of the hose is also constructed to withstand mild chemicals and ozone, using a perforated cover. This hose is available in long reel lengths from the factory, and has met all Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Gas Association requirements. Series 7132 is rated for 350 PSI and a temperature range of -40 F to +180 F.

    Parker LP Gas Hose Series 7170 is a lightweight and flexible version of Parkers LP gas hoses that is primarily designed for BBQ’s and grills, portable heaters, and small appliances. This hose, like the others, meets all Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association requirements. Pressure, being in line with small appliances or grill applications, is 5 PSI. The temperature range is -40 F to +180 F. This hose is resistant to mild chemicals, oil, and ozone, utilizing a perforated cover. The hose is also constructed to maximum flexibility and kink resistance using multiple textile plies.

    Parker LP Gas Hose Series 7243 Stainless Steel Reinforced – Textile Cover is an extremely rugged and durable LPG/Propane transfer hose that is small in diameter. This hose is tough and best suited for fuel line hose on forklifts and utility equipment.  This hose is constructed using high tensile stainless steel braided reinforcement, providing superior strength, durability, and kink resistance. This textile cover gives the 7243 series the ability to resist abrasion and mild chemicals, as well as ozone.Parker Material Handling Hose 8341

    The hoses detailed here, and other approved LP Gas Hoses, can be used with Natural Gas but there are a few caveats.  The application must be outside or extremely well ventilated inside with continuous air movement. Parker LP Gas Hose should not be used to replace fixed or rigid pipe. Use rigid pipe whenever possible to convey natural gas, when that is the more appropriate material. The hoses detailed here are never to be used for Compressed Natural Gas applications. For CNG applications only used specially approved hoses, such as the Parker Parflex CNG Hose.

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