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  • Parker Acid Transfer Hose and Chemical Transfer Hose Guide

    Parker Industrial Hose division offers a variety of Acid Hose and Chemical Hose products. These products are designed to deal with especially harsh chemical transfers while remaining resistant to abrasion and mild external chemicals. Each series offers a nylon tube that prevents any contaminate of the material being transferred.

    Parker Blue Thunder, series 7373T, hose offers high pressure and high temperature suction and discharge. This hose is specially designed and equipped to handle 98% of common acids, solvents, and chemicals.  Common applications for this hose would include in-plant transfer, storage tank transfer, and transportation or delivery of chemicals, acid, and solvents. Temperature range for Blue Thunder is -40 to 250F. The hose has a corrugated construction that includes a dual wire helix that offers multiple advantages, including Full Suction, Kink Resistance, Flexibility, and a Static-Electric discharge path. This hose is rated for 200 PSI.

     Acid Hose

    Parker 7274 & 7276 Poly-Chem series hose offers lower temperature suction and discharge than the 7373T Blue Thunder. Temperature range is -20 to 160 F and is primarily used for common Acids, Chemicals, and Solvents in Transportation and In-Plant Tank Transfer. The Poly-Chem hose offers the same wire helix that provides kink resistance, suction, and grounding support, as the Blue Thunder.
    The 7274 and 7276 differ only in that the 7274 is a corrugated wrapped finish hose and would therefore offer a slightly stronger exterior construction. The Poly-Chem 7274 and 7276 are rated for 200 PSI.

    Chemical Transfer

    Parker Thoro-Spray series 7180 is a hose specifically designed to work with fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides among other common chemicals and water. The Thoro-Spray cover is commercially and residentially friendly with a cover that offers no marking on surfaces and resistance to mild chemicals and weather. The braided textile reinforcement of the hose provides kink resistance and exceptional coupling retention. Temperature range for this hose is -20 to +180 F.  The Thoro-Spray hose is high pressure with an 800 PSI max rating.

    Parkers Paint Fluid Hose, series 7108, is our only Parker medium pressure chemical hose, facilitating pressure up to 500 PSI. This hose is precisely designed to transfer high aromatic content products. These can include Ketone solvents, Lacquers, Paint Thinners, Oil based paints, Water based paints, and a variety of other mild chemicals. As with our other chemical hoses, this one includes a nylon tube that prevents any leaching of the environment or contaminate to the material being conveyed. The hose cover also shields against mild chemicals, oil, and ozone. The construction of this hose provides such features as Kink Resistance and superior coupling retention.

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