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  • Replacements for Obsolete Mitsubishi F900 series HMIs

    Did you know that the Mitsubishi F900 series HMIs are obsolete? Here are some pdf guides to help you make a smooth transition whenever you have to replace your Graphical Operator Interface.



  • Industrial Touchscreen HMI

    Industrial Touch Screen HMI

    With new products coming and going very quickly in rapidly changing markets, "time" is the key to competitiveness and success. From the cutting edge GOT1000 to the high-performance, high-functionality E1000 and even the compact F900's, has all the Industrial Touchscreen products that you need.

  • BUY Mitsubishi F900 Touch Screen HMIs at

    • Compact design for today’s compressed panel and installation space requirements
    • Ultra-wide viewing angles combined with crystal clear display
    • 24VDC power supply (5VDC available in F920)
    • Embedded dual serial ports allowing flexible connection methods without adding cost
    • Serial networking of terminals to a single target device (up to 4 terminals)
    • Upgradeable OS
    • Programmable function keys (keypad models only)
    • IP65F environmental ratings
    • Class 1, Division 2, Group A, B, C and D environmental ratings

    The F900 GOT Series of Graphical Operator Terminals(GOT) is a cost-effective line of touch screen displays feature widescreen and hand-held options.  This family of touch screen displays offers a wide selection of different displays ranging from monochrome EL version all the way up to 256 color TFT and LCD displays.  Quality graphical objects and bitmaps can be combined with libraries that exist to offer a wide variety of devices, images and animation effects.

    BUY Mitsubishi F900 Touch Screen HMIs at TODAY!

  • BUY Mitsubishi E1000 Touch Screen HMI at

    E1000 Hardware Features Include:

    • Compact industrial construction
    • Black industrial brushed cast aluminum finish
    • Configurable serial ports (RS232/RS422/RS485*)
    • Wide range of accommodating power supplies 5VDC/24VDC/120-240VAC
    • Expansion option slots*
    • Real-time clock
    • Upgradeable terminal firmware and communication drivers
    • Programmable function keys
    • Programmable multicolored LEDs
    • Removable text strips*
    • Ultra-thin panel construction
    • Built-in 10/100MB Ethernet ports
    • Dual Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports (peripheral and host support)
    • Dual compact flash memory slots (internal/external)
    • Onboard 32MB flash memory, upgradeable to 1GB
    • Expansion option slots

    The E1000 Series is an all new family of high performance, high functionality and flexible panel-mount HMI terminals. This family of terminals offers a comprehensive list of features and functions touniquely bridge the gap between high-end SCADA systems and dedicated HMIs. The E1000 Series is available in a wide range of sizes (6.5” to 15”) and formats (Keypad and Touch screen) to easily suit your application requirement.

    BUY Mitsubishi E1000 Touch Screen HMI at Today!

  • Mitsubishi GT16 HMI at

    The GT16 Series is Mitsubishi's new flagship Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT).  Models in this range offer a comprehensive feature set in an integrated HMI hardware package. Ideal for any standalone or networked solutions, the GT16 easily delivers visualization for machine, factory and enterprise level applications. Unmatched in performance, the GT16 integrates both multimedia and HMI functionality in a single platform to rival the traditional PC. Unique to GT16 and GT15 Series are an assortment of embedded maintenance functions to improve uptime and operations. Terminals range from 15 inch down to 8.4 inch and are available in a wide range of resolutions (XGA, SVGA and VGA).

    Common hardware features for the GT16 include an enhanced CPU and graphics engine, integrated communication ports (RS232/RS422/Ethernet) and power supply, front mounted dual USB ports (USB host/device), compact flash and options slots and 15MB of onboard flash memory as standard.

    BUY NEW Mitsubishi GT16 HMI at Today!

  • NEW Mitsubishi GT15 HMI at

    • Front panel mounted USB port
    • Compact Flash expansion slot
    • Communication option slots
    • Built-in power supply (AC or 24VDC)
    • Ultra-thin design for today’s compressed panel and installation space requirements
    • Ultra-wide viewing angles combined with bright crystal clear display characteristics
    • 64bit RISC processor combined with Mitsubishi Graphics Accelerator for high-speed processing and lightning quick touch operations and data crunching
    • Expandable project memory and upgradeable OS
    • NEMA 4, Hazardous Location- HAZLOC, IP67F UL and CE environmental ratings

    BUY New Mitsubishi GT15 HMI at Today!

  • BUY Mitsubishi GT11 HMI at

    The GT11 Series is Mitsubishi's mid level GOT HMI. Models in this range offer basic HMI functionality in a 6" package. Ideal for many standalone machine level applications these models build on the functionality found in the GT10 Series and add enhancements like scripting, animation and removable memory access (compact flash). GT11 is available in panel mount or pendent style configurations and offers several display options including monochrome, color STN and color TFT.

    Common hardware features for the GT11 include an enhanced CPU, integrated communication ports (RS232/422) and power supply, front mounted USB port, compact flash slot, and 3MB onboard flash memory.

    BUY Mitsubishi GT11 HMI at TODAY!

  • Mitsubishi GT10

    The GT10 Series is Mitsubishi's entry level GOT. Models in this range are the smallest and most compact terminals in the lineup. Ideal for many standalone machine level applications these models feature a host of high-end functions desirable by many machine builders and users. Unique to the GT10 are models that offer a programmable multicolor backlit display that can easily communicate machine status to any type operator. Display options include monochrome and color STN and range in size from 3.5 inch to 5.7 inches.

    Common hardware features for the GT10 include an integrated communication ports (RS232 or RS422), power supply and rear mounted USB port is available for some models. Onboard flash memory ranges from 512kb to 3MB with terminals in this range.

    BUY NEW Mitsubishi GT10 HMI at TODAY!

  • MROstop Launches New Mitsubishi HMI Focused Site

    hmi is one of many focused online e-commerce websites owned by MROStop LLC in order to provide a “one stop” solution for Mitsubishi HMI ( Human Machine Interface ) and GOT ( Graphical Operator Terminals ) products and accessories to the world. This site contains FREE manual downloads as well as detailed information about these products so that our customers can make an educated decision about the products that we are offering.

    Visit today!!

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