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  • Parker Welding Hose

    Parker Welding HoseParker Welding Hose is engineered for portable or production line welding in a variety of settings. Typical applications would be factories, ships, construction sites, steel mills and foundries. One of the staple Parker Welding Hoses is the Siameez hose. This is a Grade T Twin Line Welding Hose, where red is the fuel line and green is the oxygen line. Series 7109 is a premium twin line welding hose that is flame and oil resistant due to its tube and cover. The following fuels can be used with the Red line; acetylene, hydrogen, natural gas, propane, and propylene. The green line is compatible with oxygen. Grade T is the only grade that has been recognized for use with oxy-fuel gas welding applications by the Compressed Gas Association.

    Parker Siameez Welding HoseGrade T Single Line Welding Hose, Series 7141 (Red, Gas) and Series 7142 (Green, Oxygen) are premium single line welding hoses from Parker. These hoses feature flame and oil resistant tubes and covers. Naturally, only the red line can be used with fuel and only the green with oxygen. These hoses are made for a wide variety of applications and long continuous lengths are available. Typical applications include, bending, brazing, cutting, fabrication, gouging, joining, piercing, pre-heating, post-heating, severing, soldering, straightening, surfacing, and trimming. Typical places of use would be assembly and fabrication shops, construction, factories, foundries, mines, oil rigs, plumbing, rail yards, salvage, scrapyards, shipyards and steel mills.

    Another option is the Siameez Series 7126 twin line welding hose. In this case the red line is compatible with acetylene only, and not any other type of fuel. The green line is compatible with oxygen, as per normal. As with the other hoses mentioned here, the tube is “non-blooming” which minimizes the migration of combustible waxes or plasticizers the rubbers surface. In addition, flexibility is provided for with plies of textile reinforcement.

  • Parker Water Hose

    Parker Water Hose 7392Parker Water Hose offers plenty of variations of water hoses that can handle any water transport application you can throw at it. Parkers suction and delivery hoses are used in a variety of industries for all kinds of different applications. These hoses feature a thick rubber tube and heavy textile reinforcements to maintain a long service life. The Parker wire-helix can be provided to prevent collapse during suction applications. As is the case with most Parker Industrial Hose products, the water hose is particularly resistant to abrasion, weathering, and ozone.Parker Pressure Washing Hose

    Parker Super-Flex Series 7392 is a suction and discharge hose that has been specially designed to deal with brine, alkalis, and glycols as well as herbicides, mild chemicals, slurries, and water. Typical industries include agriculture, construction, general industrial, irrigation, and surface mining. Temperature range is -40 F to +212 F. If you need a little bit more of a heavy duty hose to deal with these same chemicals and materials, you’ll want to look at Parker Super-Flex EPDM Heavy Duty Water Suction Hose Series 7325. This hose is designed to deal with the same materials as the 7392 but with its heavy wall construction and elevated pressure rating, rated for 300 PSI, this hose offers superior service.

    Another example of Parker Water Hose is the Hurricane Pressure Washer Hose Series 7258. This is a flexible and high temperature pressure washer hose that is specifically designed to deal with hot water and mild chemicals. This would be typically used in agriculture, construction, general industrial, oil field, and shipyards. Working pressure on this hose 3000 PSI and temperature range is -40 F to +250 F. For durability in a high pressure environment this hose incorporates a high tensile wire braid reinforcement. This also provides for kink resistance and superior coupling retention. This hose is available in both black and blue colored options, both are resistant to oil and weathering.

  • Parker Steam Hose

    Parker Steam HoseParker Steam Hose is built to withstand one of the most brutal applications hose is used for, where steam cycles hot, cold wet, and dry conditions both internally and externally on the rubber compounds that are used for its construction. One of the best examples of this is the Dragon Breath 250, series 7288. This is a traditional oil resistant hose that has been specifically designed by Parker to withstand the tough environment of the hot, cold wet, and dry cycle. The Dragon Breath 250 has an EPDM tube that helps prevent popcorning and heat resistance. This hose also features a wire braid reinforcement for prevention against crushing and to provide extended durability throughout its service life. This wire braid also creates a path to conduct a static electrical charge to ground. Lastly, this particular hose series 7288 is especially popular among oil refineries due to its red cover that is resistant to weathering and oil while providing color coding.

    Another popular entry in the Parker Steam Hose category is the Steam-Lance 250, series 7264 (red). This hose has been designed as a traditional steam hose, built to withstand the hot, cold wet, dry condition cycle that steam applications impose. The EPDM tube, much like with the Dragon Breath 250, helps to resist popcorning and heat while adding a wire brain reinforcement for preventing crushing. The wire braid also adds kink resistance, and a red cover that is resistant to abrasion, cracking, hardening, and ozone.

  • Parker Material Handling Hose

    Parker has a well-rounded selection of Material Handling Hoses to deal with a wide range of applications, such as sand blasting, high pressure concrete & cement, and hoses for conveying granular food or powder. In the following Blog the MRO Stop team will detail out a couple of the hoses we carry in this category and their specific material handling capabilities.

    Parker Petroleum LP Gas Hose

    The Concrete Placement Hose, series 7236, is a natural rubber hose that is a high pressure placement hose for dry and wet concrete. The hose is constructed with a heavy wall that prevents kinking and a thick rubber that is static dissipating. The tube is resistant to abrasion as well. The hose is suitable for use with abrasive materials, concrete, dry and wet cement, plaster, and in construction and general industrial applications.  You can buy the 7236 in 200 ft continuous lengths. This hose is rated for a maximum working pressure of 800 PSI, but it’s worth noting that couplings attached with bands or clamps may reduce the effective working pressure. Temperature range is -30F to +150 F.

    Parker Material Handling Hose 8341If loading & unloading barges, hoppers, and railcars is more your thing than concrete placement, you’d be looking for the Super-Flex, series 7363. This hose is a flexible suction and discharge hose specially designed for dry or wet abrasive materials, making it perfect for such applications mentioned. The hose is naturally resistant to weathering and abrasion from its corrugated rubber blend construction. The wire helix affords this hose full suction capability and kink resistance. Max working pressure is 100 PSI and temperature range is -40F to +160F.

    Parker Day-Lite Corrugated Material Handling Hose is in the dirty business of sewage transfer applications on mobile vacuum trucks. This hose is a suction/vacuum and discharge hose for dry or wet abrasive materials and debris. Series 8341 is available in 200 ft continuous lengths and is rated for 100 PSI. Temperature range is -40F to +160F.

  • Food Grade Hose

    Food Grade Hose

    Do you need an FDA approved hose that is designed to handle sensitive materials like non-fatty food, pellets, potable water, debris, grains, and granules? The MRO Stop blog is here to shed some light on a couple of our most popular offerings in the Food Grade Hose category from Parker Industrial Hose.

    Parker Food Grade Hose is specially designed to meet all FDA requirements & specifications for safe handling of liquid, air, and powdered foods.  Series 7581, Thoro-Braid, clear PVC Hose is designed to transfer dry abrasive materials. These can include grains, granules, pellets, and powders. In addition the Thoro-Braid was designed for beverages, non-fatty and non-oily foods, and sanitary products. The Thoro-Braid hose offers full-flow and is constructed to not impart any taste or order. The hose also features a tube that is abrasion resistant. The hose is clear PVC so the material being transferred is easily observed for visual reference. As an additional visual reference and for color coding efficiency there is also a red tracer line down the hose. For general industrial service in air, flexible conduit, and water applications the Thoro-Braid offers excellent service.PVC Suction Hose

    Parker Food Grade Dynaflex Clear Corrugated PVC Suction hose, Series 7563, is a suction and discharge hose that is lightweight and flexible. This hose, along with series 7564 (medium duty) and 7570 (heavy duty), is designed for use with debris, grains, granules, pellets, and powders. Non-fatty and non-oily foods, liquids, and sanitary products are also suitable for transport using the Dynaflex series hose. Another use is transport of potable water in a variety of applications. The Dynaflex series 7563, series 7564, and series 7570 all feature a clear PVC hose wall to allow visual observation.

    Parker Food Grade Dynaflex Series 7570 is a heavy duty PVC suction and discharge hose. The 7570 series features a stronger Wire Helix reinforcement that provides added strength on top of the features of both the 7563 and the 7564 series Dynaflex hose.

  • General Purpose Air Hose

    General Purpose Air Hose

    Parker Push-Lok Multipurpose hose is easily the most versatile general purpose hose on the market. It’s easy to see why when checking out the feature rich hose. The 801 Multipurpose has the broadest fluid compatibility application range and size range in the industry. Couple this with the fact that it also has the highest working pressure in all sizes, has an amazingly simple Push-Lok system that requires no clamping or special tools, and an exclusive color coding system that makes inventory and identification supremely efficient.  For leak-free service the Push-Lok systems offers a unique seal that is reliable and durable. Push-Lok hose provides the ability to construct assemblies in seconds, which adds considerable value in saving time and cost.

     Push-Lok 801 is approved for both HY Series crimp fittings and 82 series push on. Push-Lok Plus 804 comes with an EPDM inner tube. This provides for hot water, dry air, and phosphate ester fluids. 804 should not be used with lubricated air or oil based media. If you’ve got a higher pressure system, like shop air for example, Push-Lok 821 is a perfect choice. This hose is approved with 82 Series fittings. It can also be purchased with a fire-resistant (FR) cover if you need to use it near welding applications. If you’ve got a high temperature and/or a higher working pressure than 821 your best bet would be Push-Lok Plus 836. This hose is rated for up to 302 degrees F heat-resistant performance, and can also be used with HY and 82 Series fittings.

    Air Hose

    Push-Lok offers a great advantage in the color-coded hose offerings. Many applications feature a number of lines each carrying a different media, and Push-Lok color coding can reduce line tracing and improve efficiency. Imagine downtime from disconnecting the wrong line…this can be avoided completely using Parker Push-Lok color coding. In addition, color coding enhances product appearance, improves inventory control, and identifies industrial drop lines.

    Fast-Stor Assemblies from Parflex, Parkers Coiled Air Hose, are Self-Retracting hose assemblies. These assemblies are manufactured from a nylon that is extremely tough and abrasion resistant. Fast-Stor is perfectly suited for long service life in rugged applications, as it features extremely good memory characteristics over a wide range of temperatures. Service temperature range is -40F to +200F. Fast-Stor is manufactured in “Safety Yellow” making it sought after in the industry due to OSHA directives.

    Please click the image below to see more detail

    Air Hose Construction


  • Parker Acid Transfer Hose and Chemical Transfer Hose Guide

    Parker Industrial Hose division offers a variety of Acid Hose and Chemical Hose products. These products are designed to deal with especially harsh chemical transfers while remaining resistant to abrasion and mild external chemicals. Each series offers a nylon tube that prevents any contaminate of the material being transferred.

    Parker Blue Thunder, series 7373T, hose offers high pressure and high temperature suction and discharge. This hose is specially designed and equipped to handle 98% of common acids, solvents, and chemicals.  Common applications for this hose would include in-plant transfer, storage tank transfer, and transportation or delivery of chemicals, acid, and solvents. Temperature range for Blue Thunder is -40 to 250F. The hose has a corrugated construction that includes a dual wire helix that offers multiple advantages, including Full Suction, Kink Resistance, Flexibility, and a Static-Electric discharge path. This hose is rated for 200 PSI.

     Acid Hose

    Parker 7274 & 7276 Poly-Chem series hose offers lower temperature suction and discharge than the 7373T Blue Thunder. Temperature range is -20 to 160 F and is primarily used for common Acids, Chemicals, and Solvents in Transportation and In-Plant Tank Transfer. The Poly-Chem hose offers the same wire helix that provides kink resistance, suction, and grounding support, as the Blue Thunder.
    The 7274 and 7276 differ only in that the 7274 is a corrugated wrapped finish hose and would therefore offer a slightly stronger exterior construction. The Poly-Chem 7274 and 7276 are rated for 200 PSI.

    Chemical Transfer

    Parker Thoro-Spray series 7180 is a hose specifically designed to work with fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides among other common chemicals and water. The Thoro-Spray cover is commercially and residentially friendly with a cover that offers no marking on surfaces and resistance to mild chemicals and weather. The braided textile reinforcement of the hose provides kink resistance and exceptional coupling retention. Temperature range for this hose is -20 to +180 F.  The Thoro-Spray hose is high pressure with an 800 PSI max rating.

    Parkers Paint Fluid Hose, series 7108, is our only Parker medium pressure chemical hose, facilitating pressure up to 500 PSI. This hose is precisely designed to transfer high aromatic content products. These can include Ketone solvents, Lacquers, Paint Thinners, Oil based paints, Water based paints, and a variety of other mild chemicals. As with our other chemical hoses, this one includes a nylon tube that prevents any leaching of the environment or contaminate to the material being conveyed. The hose cover also shields against mild chemicals, oil, and ozone. The construction of this hose provides such features as Kink Resistance and superior coupling retention.

  • Welding Hose

    Welding Hose
    Non-Conductive Cable Cover
    This hose has been designed for use as cable covering on water cooled welding systems. The synthetic textile spiral reinforcement provides a lightweight product that can be used in many applications that require a on-conductive construction and 200 PSI working pressures. Continue reading

  • Water Hose

    Water Hose

    Developed specifically for the food process industry, this blue, non-marking, oil and fat-resistant hose provides 1500 PSI working pressure for efficient in-plant washdown service.
    Heavy Duty Water Discharge Hose
    This is the tough one – designed for heavy-duty water discharge applications. The combination of a heavy wall and 200 PSI working pressure rating (150 PSI in 10 in. ID size) make this the right hose for applications that need extra capacity and durability.
    ECW™ hose is primarily designed for use in food plants, breweries and any place a flexible, lightweight washdown hose is needed. Validated permanent crimp specs are available.
    Furnace Door Coolant Hose
    The hose is designed for industrial
    cooling applications with melting furnaces at steel mills, glassworks, foundries, etc., and other work sites that require a hose to withstand high external temperatures.
    For standard to heavy duty water discharge applications in construction, agriculture, general industry and mining.
    The HDW Heavy Duty Washdown hose is designed for general washdown and equipment cleaning requirements in food processing, dairy product processing, and industrial plants.
    Heater Hose
    Lightweight hose designed for automotive coolant heater hose service. Also ideal for low pressure water discharge. Resistant to LASSO® herbicide.
    This “Made in the U.S.A.” hose offers high pressure (3000 PSI) and temperature (250°F) capability for many industrial pressure washer applications.
    This water suction hose is designed to handle a wide range of applications in industry, construction and agriculture. The tough, flexible EPDM rubber construction will resist abrasion, weathering and the effects of agricultural herbicides and other mild chemicals.
    WILDCATTER® hose is a general purpose washdown hose, designed with a rugged yet flexible construction for ease of handling in many tough applications including breweries, dairies, food plants, paper mills and oil rigs.

    Find Industrial Water Hose at:

  • Steam Hose

    Steam Hose
    DRAGON BREATH® Butyl Steam Hose
    A premium steam hose designed for saturated steam applications at pressures to 250 PSI and temperatures to 406° F. This hose will also handle super heated steam to 250 PSI and 450° F. The steel wire braids provide maximum strength and can be utilized as a static wire to make the hose assembly electrically conductive.
    DRAGON BREATH® 250 Steam Hose
    This hose is designed for saturated steam (250 PSI at 406° F) or super heated steam service (250 PSI at 450° F). The double wire braid offers maximum strength
    and can be utilized as a static wire to make the hose assembly electrically conductive. The oil resistant cover (RMA Class B) makes the hose ideal for refinery service.
    STEAM – LANCE® 250
    Designed for saturated steam applications at pressures to 250 PSI and temperatures to 406° F. This hose will also handle super heated steam to 250 PSI and 450° F. The steel wire braids provide maximum strength and can be utilized as a static wire to make the hose assembly electrically conductive. Validated permanent crimp specs are available.

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