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  • Gauges from Parker

    Parker produces pressure, vacuum and temperature gauges, adapters, connections and protectors for gauges.Parker Gauge

    Parker’s line of gauges include:
    • Fluid level temperature gauges
    • Vacuum gauges
    • Compound gauge kits
    • Pressure gauges
    • Fluid level measurement gauges has Gauges for the best values.

  • How to Make a Parker Hose Assembly (Parkrimp Traning)

    For Parker Parkrimp products.

  • Parker Hose Crimping Machines

    When it comes to hose assemblies, no one puts it all together like Parker. Parkrimp hose crimping machines are simple to operate. What's more, they're built to provide years of dependable service. Seven Parkrimp models - an entire family of crimpers - are available to meet your bench-mounted or portable needs, crimping straight or bent-stem fittings from 1/4" to 2" in diameter.

    Get Parkrimp hose crimping machines at MROstop!

  • BUY Parker Universal Couplers @

    Parker Industrial Interchange nipples are for use with any Parker 20 Series, HF Series, 30 Series, Universal, HF or Ez- mate couplers.

    Parker Industrial Interchange nipples are interchangeable with similar nipples manufactured by other quick coupling manufacturers conforming to A-A-59439 (formerly known as MIL-C-4109F), ANSI/(NFPA) T3.20.14-1990, or ISO6150-B requirements.

    Hardened wear points** and solid barstock construction provide extended service life.

    HURRY!!! BUY Parker Universal Couplers @ TODAY.

  • NEW Special Purpose Couplers @

    Special Purpose – Standard - Non Marring

    • Standard style Tool-Mate couplers are lightweight, easy to operate, and non-marring with easy, push-to-connect action.
    • Couplers are constructed of Polyamide material; springs, balls, and pins are stainless steel; and locking fingers are made of polyacetate.
    • Grey body designates standard non-venting style coupler.

    Special Purpose – Exhaust - Non Marring

    • Exhaust style Tool-Mate couplers are lightweight, easy to operate, and non-marring with easy, push-to-connect action and one-handed   disconnection.
    • Couplers are constructed of black Polyamide material; springs, balls, and pins are stainless steel in the PES series and 1/2" PBS series;   and locking fingers in the PBS series are made of polyacetate. End ports are galvanized steel.
    • Black body designates exhaust style coupler.

    Special Purpose – Exhaust - Steel

    • Parker's E-z-mate is an exhaust type coupler that is designed to exhaust air pressure prior to the disconnection process.
    • Proven ball locking mechanism evenly distributes load to resist wear and provide positive connections. The ball locking mechanism also  provides accurate alignment and allows a swiveling action to reduce hose torque.
    • O-ring interface seal assures “bubble tight” seal and long service life.
    • E-z-mate Series couplers use industrial interchange nipples.

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  • BUY Parker's Push to Connect Couplers @

    Wide range of end configurations are available to meet specific needs. Parker push-to-connect type couplings are available with male pipe thread, female pipe thread, standard hose barb, and Push-Lok hose barb.

    BUY Parker's Push to Connect Couplers @

  • NEW Parker Manually Connect Couplers @

    Sleeve type couplings are widely used to connect air lines and can also be used with low pressure fluids.  Their compact and economical design uses a ball locking mechanism consisting of captive steel balls that engage the locking groove on the mating nipple. The sliding spring loaded
    sleeve on the coupler must be manually retracted in order to connect or disconnect the nipple. It is easy to do, but two hands are normally required.  Common applications include: compressed air, water, grease, paint, limited vacuum and limited gases.

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  • BUY Special Purpose Couplers @

    Parker DM Series offer double shut-off valving and push-to connect operation in a small envelope size.  They are constructed of nickel plated brass and are available in 1/8" body size only. Standard seals are Fluorocarbon.

    BUY Special Purpose Couplers @ TODAY!!

  • NEW Parker Non-Spill Couplings @

    Non-Spill couplings by are widely used in the public utility market where hydraulic oil spillage can constitute a serious safety hazard, particularly in overhead bucket hoists that are used for maintenance of high-voltage power transmission lines. These couplings are also used for quick change of hydraulic hand tools in the construction, railway maintenance and mining industries. They are also ideal for inplant use where excess oil spillage can create a hazard.

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  • BUY Parker's Mold Coolant Line Couplings @

    Parker moldmate couplings are specifically designed for connecting coolant lines to molds and dies, on injection molding machinery in the plastics and die casting industries.  Moldmate couplings significantly reduce machine downtime by providing fast and easy connection of coolant lines during mold changes. Their short nipples can be recessed below the surface of the mold for more efficient storage of molds.
    Moldmate couplers are available with or without valves in the female half. Non-valved couplers provide maximum flow for efficient cooling. Valved couplers shut off when disconnected.

    BUY Parker's Mold Coolant Line Couplings @ TODAY!!

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