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  • Quick Exhaust Valve Spotlight

    Quick Exhaust Valve

    Quick Exhaust ValveThese Super quick exhaust valves feature a special molded shuttle designed especially for quick response, high flow and long cycle life.  The universal design of the Quick Exhaust Valve allows it to be used as a valve, a shuttle valve, or plug the exhaust port and use it as a check valve.  With the molded shuttle design, the Super Quick Exhaust Valve have an operating range as low as 1 psi to 150 psi.

    These valves are used across all industries wherever fast pneumatic cylinder stroking is required.  Some industries where quick exhaust valves are used include: wood/lumber, tire, food packaging, paper finishing, material handling & conveying, stamping and die-cutting.

    These valves are applied to allow cylinders to exhaust air at the cylinder port instead of having the air travel all the way back through the supply tubing to the directional valve to exhaust there.  These valves can also be used as a shuttle valve, the “or” logic function, automatically selecting the higher of two input pressures to produce an output.

    We also offer 316 stainless and electrically operated (including hazardous locations) quick exhaust valves from Versa.

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  • Sale on Super Quick Exhaust Valves

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    Humphrey Super Quick Exhaust valves feature a special molded shuttle designed especially for quick exhaust valve service. The shuttle's full-formed seating surface provides long cycle life and outperforms the flat-disk (sheet stock) diaphragms found in competitive valve designs. Because of its shuttle design, the Humphrey Super Quick Exhaust valve does not require the flow-restricting metal body webbing used in flat-disk designs. There are many practical uses for these low-cost Super Quick Exhaust valves, and there is a size for virtually every need, with pipe ports from # 10-32 to 3/4 inch.

    How Super Quick Exhaust Valves are used to enhance the performance of air cylinders

    Lubrication Problem

    Small bore cylinders are often poorly lubricated due to the small displacement of air per cycle. Lubricant back-flows through control valve on the exhaust cycle without reaching cylinder. Oil traces at the valve exhaust port does not prove proper cylinder lubrication.


    Solution: Close nipple Super Quick Exhaust to cylinder. This stops backflow and allows progressive oil flow to cylinder. Oil traces at the Super QE exhaust port prove cylinder lubrication.

    "Air Spring" Return. Provides controlled "air spring" return, a potential advantage over standard spring return cylinders in that the "air spring" return force can be adjusted by a regulator. Also provides a method of controlling double acting cylinders with a 3-way valve. Return-regulator (1) set at selected pressure. (2) Normally closed 3-way valve. {3) Double acting cylinder. Example of use: Cylinder rod extends with high pressure for impact. Rod retracts under low pressure.



    Super Quick Exhaust used as a shuttle valve. Air from 3-way valves (1 or 2) always directed to cylinder {3).

    High-low Pressure. Reduce noise, shock, and stress on cylinder. Extend rod with low pressure (2) to position, hold, etc. Switch to high pressure {1) to lock, bend, reposition, etc. Return to low pressure by closing (1), or retract rod by closing (1) and (2).




    Get 10% off Humphrey Quick Exhaust Valves at  (Sale ends March 31, 2012)

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