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  • GoSol Power Box Demo

    Mel Radford of the Genesis Group gives a quick overview of the GoSol Power Box, the latest innovation in point-of-use solar power generation.

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  • Alternative Energy Sources - Introducing GoSol and PowerFilm

    GoSol Power and PowerFilm are new product lines using the sun’s energy to power the places you live, work and play. These solar powered products allow you to have clean, grid-free energy 24/7. It is the mission of GoSol Power and PowerFilm to free customers from an aging and unreliable grid and provide them with reliable alternative energy sources.

    Foldable Solar Charger Foldable Solar Charger

    Foldable Solar Charger – These lightweight solar chargers from PowerFilm are capable of powering small devices such as electric coolers or tablets.  They are compact and unfold whenever you need them to power devices by using the power of the sun.









    rollable solar charger Rollable Solar Charger

    Rollable Solar Charger – Have you ever been out of the house and watched the batteries to a favorite device drain? As you approach the final stages of your dying battery, think of GoSol Power. By plugging your USB charger into a PowerFilm rollable solar charger you are freed from the constraints of the wall and can charge batteries by using the power of the sun. Rollable solar chargers are flexible, waterproof and provide ample power for the small devices you need to charge immediately. These are mainly to recharge batteries, phones, cameras etc.







    Portable Solar Generator Portable Solar Generator

    Portable Solar Generator - GoSol Power Boxes are stand-alone power systems using solar technology to provide continuous and reliable power. They are designed for applications that require a primary off-grid power source to run various electronics. PB features a small case with a foldable solar panel inside and can be used 24 hours, 7 days a week, giving you necessary power anywhere you go. Keep your devices charged and connected, all in a self-contained waterproof case that is maintenance-free. Perfect for tailgating, camping, fishing, hiking and more!

  • What is Solar Energy?

    The idea of removing yourself from the grid and using solar panels to power your business tools can seem different at first. Typically when you think of the sun hitting objects, you imagine the suns energy creating heat. This is true, but when the sun hits certain materials, heat follows. However, when sunlight hits solar panels, they turn that energy into an electrical current, which can then be transformed into power.  Here's how it's done:

    What is solar energy? The Solar Energy Process.

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