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  • Mitsubishi D700 Variable Frequency Drive Manuals

    Mitsubishi D700 Variable Frequency Drive Instruction Manual by

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  • Mitsubishi F700 VFD Manuals

    These instruction manuals provide instructions for advanced use of the Mitsubishi FR-F700 series VFDs.  Download these F700 VFD manuals for information like applications, industries used and technical specifications.


    Mitsubishi F700 Series VFD Brochure by

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  • Electrical Equipment at MRO Stop

    Electrical Equipment

    MRO Stop has all of your electrical equipment needs.   We supply high quality electrical industrial components from the most trusted brands in the industry at competitive prices.  Whether you need purchase new electrical equipment to have as a spare backup part or if your operations are down and you need the part immediately, MRO Stop can help.


    HMIHMI (Human Machine Interface)

    When it comes to process visualization, MRO Stop has the best selection around. Whether you are looking to replace a HMI for your process equipment or buying for a new installation, count on us to have a variety of human machine interface screen sizes, software, cables and accessories.


    PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

    Mitsubishi's PLC line is one of the widest in the industry. Mitsubishi's offering spans from our Alpha PLC with as little as six I/O points, all the way to the high-end Q Series PLC capable of running entire plants with thousands of I/O.  Mitsubishi PLCs are complemented by a comprehensive array of software tools and networking technologies and offer seamless integration to our other automation products such as VFDs, motion control and HMIs, to provide a comprehensive solution with the controller at the center


    Industrial Ethernet

    Phoenix Contact offers an extensive range of Industrial Ethernet electrical equipment for all aspects of an Ethernet-based automation solution. From infrastructure devices, such as unmanaged and managed switches, to Ethernet I/O, Power over Ethernet, and Wireless, all products are designed to industrial specifications to ensure reliability under the most adverse conditions.


    Mitsubishi VFDsVFD (Variable Frequency Drives)

    VFD, or variable frequency drive, can be used in a wide variety of applications, from small kitchen appliances to large compressors or mill drives. These drives are adjustable - speed. They control the AC motor speed as well as the torque by varying both the motor input frequency as well as the voltage. They offer opportunities for energy savings, and as technology as continued to improve, their cost and size have been reduced while their performance has improved, making them more feasible for a greater portion of the population on a much wider scale.


    Motion Controllers

    Introducing the Motion Controller Q Series, meeting the needs for higher performance and smaller size to satisfy high-speed motion control applications! Compatible with the Q Series PLC (Platform), which incorporates Multiple CPU technology, the Motion CPU and PLC CPU are selectable and work in parallel to provide greater flexibility and unmatched performance. A large-scale control system (Up to 96 axes per system) can be created using an extremely compact package as Q Series PLC.


    Servo Motors

    Mitsubishi Servo Motors are made to high standards and offer a wide range of power, speed and inertia ratings providing a motor for all applications. Ranging from 50W through to 55kW and with specialist type motors available (flat "pancake"motors) the new Super Series Servo Motors complete the line-up of electrical equipment offered by Mitsubishi Electric

  • Variable Frequency Drives from

    Variable Frequency Drives

    Since over 65% of electrical energy used industrially/commercially is utilized by motors, it’s no wonder that variable frequency drives (VFDs) are becoming more popular, especially since they can make motors run much more efficiently. Investing in a variable frequency drive (a.k.a. adjustable frequency/speed, AC, or micro drives) is one viable, proactive option.

    VFDs are used in a wide variety of applications these days, from small appliances to compressors and huge mill drives used in the mining industry. They are used where energy consumption and efficiency is an important consideration. An example of this is in an application where a variable-torque pump or centrifugal fan is in use, especially where the torque and power of the load vary with the cube and square, respectively, of the motor’s speed.

    If your facility uses AC (alternating current) and you have motors that run at variable speeds and you control them mechanically or have them run at full load; you need to install variable frequency drives. Frequently, variable frequency drives are called VFDs or inverters. They save money on electric costs and wear and tear on your motors.

    Another advantage to using variable frequency drives is the lack of current surge during start-up, which further reduces electricity consumption and surge penalties imposed by power companies.

    In addition to saving energy, VFDs also reduce stress on power supplies and reduce motor wear, resulting in long-term savings on maintenance and repair.

    Common Uses for Variable Frequency Drives Include:

    • HVAC Systems
    • Fan Systems
    • Pump Systems
    • Escalators
    • Compressors
    • Extruders
    • Conveyors
    • Mixers
    • Controling the Speed of Any AC Motor is your variable frequency drive supplier.  We have the best mitsubishi inverter prices on the internet!

    variable frequency drives

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