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Tips for Storing Your Donaldson Air Filter

When replacing an air filter, using Donaldson Filtration is a quality choice. They make products for a number of jobs and needs, making a Donaldson air filter a great option for any project. However, sometimes we can harm our air filters before we even install them. This can then cause harm to your machinery, hurt product lifespans, and waste money. These are a few storage habits Donaldson recommends:

1) Always store a filter in a box.

Even the product itself individually wrapped and sealed, be sure to tape up the box. This can keep contaminants out and prevent your filter from transferring debris to your machine. Additionally, where you store your products can harm them. Metal shelves can cause condensation to form around the product. This then causes the Donaldson air filter to rust. When in doubt, be sure to keep your filter boxed and sealed until installation.

2) Handle filters with care.

Be sure to carefully move Donaldson air filter boxes to and from jobs. Be sure to secure them to and from jobs. If filters roll around, it could possibly damage them. Also, be careful when removing filters from their boxes. Handle them with care and watch out for any dust or dirt particles on the box. Wipe away any contaminants on the box before opening. This prevents debris from getting into the filter.

3) Use filters in a timely manner.

Obviously filters are not perishable, but they should be used in a timely manner. When possible use the oldest inventory first. This ensures that your filters aren’t becoming damaged by sitting there. Make sure product labels including manufacturing dates and product names are visible when selecting from the shelves.

By keeping your Donaldson air filter safe before installation, you are preventing unnecessary maintenance and getting your money’s worth from the product. Remember, handling and storing your filters properly will ensure they will be a quality product for your machinery. For questions on Donaldson filters and any other products, call or visit MROStop today. Our experts and Resource Center can help you answer your questions and get back to work!


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