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What is Solar Energy?

The idea of removing yourself from the grid and using solar panels to power your business tools can seem different at first. Typically when you think of the sun hitting objects, you imagine the suns energy creating heat. This is true, but when the sun hits certain materials, heat follows. However, when sunlight hits solar panels, they turn that energy into an electrical current, which can then be transformed into power.  Here's how it's done:

What is solar energy? The Solar Energy Process.

Solar energy is produced through a relatively simple process.  Solar panels are designed using materials that convert this energy into electricity. The material is sliced into discs and placed into a grid called a solar panel. The electricity produced is transferred through a system of wires in the panel. Each cell in the panel produces about .5 volts of electricity. This means that many cells have to be present to achieve desired voltage. Now you have electricity made clean and simple.

In order to store the electricity that isn’t being used, solar powered systems use a battery bank. The battery bank is just like the rechargeable battery in your smartphone. The battery bank stores the excess electricity until it is needed. The battery bank will store the electricity as DC so in order to power household items you will need a power inverter.

The power inverter can change the electric current from DC, or Direct Current, to AC, Alternating Current, which is what is used for household appliances. The inverter can be used to allow different currents depending on the type of items you need to supply with electricity.

Solar energy is supplied that easily. With panels, batteries, and power inverter clean unlimited electricity can be provided anywhere the sun shines.  In one hour, the sun sends to earth as much energy as the entire world population consumes in a whole year. So why aren’t we making use of it? Opting for solar makes both economic and environmental sense. By choosing solar, you are using a natural resource to power your every day needs. Still need more reasons to choose solar? It doesn’t make loud noises, it doesn’t give off carbon dioxide emissions and the best part about solar – the suns energy is free!

MRO Stop has a variety of portable solar chargers and portable solar generators for use in remote areas with no power source or for emergency uses (power outages).  We carry quality brands, such as PowerFilm and Go-Sol so you can rely on your alternative energy source to keep you powered.
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