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  • Introducing Ace Shock Absorbers

    Ace Shock AbsorbersAce Shock Absorbers

    ACE is the World leader in deceleration technology. Ace shock absorbers perform a range of functions including preventing impact damage, improving product performance, providing longer life and reliability, and decelerating loads, enabling mechanical devices to operate smoothly and efficiently. Ace Shock Absorbers encompass new innovations including the award winning SC2 Heavyweight Series and the adjustable and self-compensating industrial shock absorber models. This can benefit multiple industries including steel, material handling, robotics, automotive, medical and many more.  ACE Shock absorbers are made in the USA and every shock is tested 100% before shipping.

    ACE Miniature Shock Absorbers are self-contained hydraulic units. The MC 5 to MC 75 model range has a very short overall length and low return force. Its small size allows for high energy absorption in confined spaces, while the wide effective weight ranges accommodate a variety of load conditions. With threaded outer bodies and multiple accessories, MC models can be mounted in numerous configurations.

    ACE’s award winning SC2 300 and SC2 650 Heavyweight Series Shock Absorbers deliver up to 950% of the effective weight capacity and 280% of the energy absorption capability of standard models. These durable units are ideal for decelerating heavy weights moving at low velocities. The Heavyweight Series design combines the piston and the inner tube into a single component, the piston tube. It acts as both the pressure creating and pressure controlling device.  ACE’s SC2 300 and SC2 650 Heavyweight Series Shock Absorbers offer expanded effective weight ranges and dramatic increases in energy absorption capability, for handling a wider range of applications.  These revolutionary shock absorbers provide dual performance benefits. They offer soft contact deceleration where initial impact reaction forces are very low with the advantages of self compensation to cope with changing input energy conditions without adjustment.

    ACE MA Series miniature shock absorbers offer a compact design with true linear deceleration, and are adjustable over a wide range of conditions. If your preference is a fully adjustable shock absorber rather than a self-compensating model on your application, then the MA Series provides a directly interchangeable alternative.

    Browse Ace Shock Absorbers and Shock Absorber Accessories at

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  • Uses for Firestone bellows W01-358-0981

    Firestone W01-358-0981

    Firestone W01-358-0981 Bellows

    The W01-358-0981 style 28 bellows-only is a “Super Duty Airstroke” which is a high temperature, oil resistant part made of Firestone's Epichlorohydrin elastomer.  Technigram 111 applies to this component and includes complete details about the advantages and limitations of this special elastomer.  The fact that this part is a bellows-only means that the flanges for attaching it to the machine are part of the machine and not included in the scope-of-supply with this part.

    A great application for Epichlorohydrin would be on a paper machine controlling the nip pressure between two rolls in an atmosphere of 93°C. In this case, the Airstroke is at constant height and pressure, probably 99% of the time. (Except when one roll is backed off for threading of the material.)  Epichlorohydrin will far outlast our standard elastomer in this instance, and, therefore, is well worth the extra cost.  Download the Firestone Techinigram here or download the bellows spec sheet for part number W01-358-0981 here.

    Purchase a wide variety of Firestone air springs , bellows and accessories, including the Firestone W01-358-0981 bellows from MRO Stop

  • Quick Exhaust Valve Spotlight

    Quick Exhaust Valve

    Quick Exhaust ValveThese Super quick exhaust valves feature a special molded shuttle designed especially for quick response, high flow and long cycle life.  The universal design of the Quick Exhaust Valve allows it to be used as a valve, a shuttle valve, or plug the exhaust port and use it as a check valve.  With the molded shuttle design, the Super Quick Exhaust Valve have an operating range as low as 1 psi to 150 psi.

    These valves are used across all industries wherever fast pneumatic cylinder stroking is required.  Some industries where quick exhaust valves are used include: wood/lumber, tire, food packaging, paper finishing, material handling & conveying, stamping and die-cutting.

    These valves are applied to allow cylinders to exhaust air at the cylinder port instead of having the air travel all the way back through the supply tubing to the directional valve to exhaust there.  These valves can also be used as a shuttle valve, the “or” logic function, automatically selecting the higher of two input pressures to produce an output.

    We also offer 316 stainless and electrically operated (including hazardous locations) quick exhaust valves from Versa.

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  • Oil Safe Containers

    Oil Safe Containers

    Oil Safe Containers

    Maintenance Professionals are starting to take a proactive approach to the storage, handling, and dispensing of all types of oils. Today, oils are an expensive asset and they must be carefully managed and contained. The Oil Safe professional lubrication system is the lubricant storage system that makes plant and machinery lubrication easier, faster and cleaner. The color-coded attributes make it simple for anyone to identify what type of oil is in each container as well as improving safety for the entire organization. Oil Safe lubricant transfer containers are the global standard and have proven themselves to be extremely reliable and critical to best practice lubrication programs for well over a decade. They are coded, fully sealing, and ensure the accurate delivery of clean lubricant from bulk storage to point of use every time. has what you need regarding Oil Safe containers from storage, utility, and long spout lids to oil drums and extension hoses.

    *Please be advised that Oil Safe is not suitable for use with fuels or solvents.

    Buy Oil Safe Containers, Lids and Accessories from

  • Graco Husky 515 Double Diaphragm Pump


    The Husky 515, 1/2 inch (12.7 mm), double diaphragm pump operates on as little as 20 psi  and is available in polypropylene, groundable acetal and PVDF materials of construction.

    • Delivery up to 15 gpm (56.7 lpm)
    • Easy-to-service air valve and ball checks
    • Reliable air valve for years of dependable performance
    • Lubrication
    • Chemical Transfer
    • Oil Transfer
    • Low-Viscosity Material Transfer
    Great for Using to Transfer:
    • Antifreeze
    • Detergents
    • Resins
    • Polymers
    • Motor Oil
    • Gear Oil
    • Hydraulic Fluid
    • Automatic Transmission Fluid
    • Cutting Oil
    • Water - Wastewater Treatment
    • Inks and Colorants
    Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
    100 psi
    Air Pressure Operating Range
    30 to 100 psi
    Maximum air consumption
    28 scfm
    Maximum free-flow delivery
    15 gpm
    Maximum pump speed
    400 cpm
    Gallons (Liters) per cycle
    Maximum suction lift (water with buna balls)
    15 ft dry, 25 ft wet
    Maximum size pumpable solids
    3/32 in
    Polypropylene pumps
    6.5 lb
    Acetal pumps
    7.8 lb
    PVDF pumps
    8.5 lb

    Buy Graco Husky 515 Double Diaphragm Pump from

  • Industrial Pressure Washers

    Industrial Pressure Washers

    Industrial Pressure WashersLooking for industrial pressure washers? We suggest Graco’s new NXT Air Motor, Hydra-Clean®  product line. These pressure washers are ideal for food processing facilities, heavy duty cleaning and maintenance, shipyards, oilrigs and other industrial applications. The Graco Hydra-Clean®  pressure washers contain pneumatically-driven pumps and are designed for ease of operation, maintenance and rugged dependability. These products provide high pressure for water and cleaning chemicals up to 3,000 PSI and flow rates up to 9 GPM.

    Whatever your industrial pressure washer needs, is confident with us you can find exactly what you are looking for. Download these products PDFs from Graco to learn more about their products:

    Graco-Hydra-Clean                         Graco-Hydra-Clean-Manual

    Graco-Mining-Applications                Graco-Drilling-Applications

    Buy the NXT Air Motor, Hydra-Clean industrial pressure washer at

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  • Download Industrial Air Spring Product Catalogs

    Make sure you select the correct industrial air spring for your application by reviewing the specs of your model number.  Download these PDFs for industrial air spring statistic data, line drawings, how to guides and more!

    Download Firestone Air Spring Catalog

    Download Firestone (Metric) Air Spring Catalog

    Download Goodyear Air Spring Catalog

  • Industrial Air Spring Failure Causes

    When applied and maintained properly, industrial air springs can last for long amounts of time, trouble-free of service.  Most failures are caused by a lack of suspension maintenance or improper application. Common failures are caused by misalignments, loose girdle hoops, abrasions, air spring overextension and the bottoming out of air springs.  Download Firestone's guide to common air spring failures that are usually not covered by warranty.

  • Firestone Air Springs in stock

    Firestone Air Springs

    Firestone Air SpringsNeed specifications on a certain Firestone Air Springs model? We carry 6 types of air springs that are designed and built for durability, performance and value. These air springs include: Single Convoluted, Double Convoluted, Triple Convoluted, Rolling Lobe, Reversible Sleeve and Shaped Sleeve. With this array of options we ar­e confident that you will find exactly what you need through us. offers the most reliable brands in industrial air springs. Through strict design parameters, Firestone air springs operate dependably in the toughest conditions and in many types of industrial applications. Firestone AirstrokeTM airbags and AiromaticTM polyactuators offer a short-stroke, high-force and single-acting pneumatic actuation for applications such as conveyors, lift tables and work holding devices.

  • Extended Industrial Tools Sale!

    Our Industrial Tools Sale is extended! When you order any of our industrial tools from now until December 31, 2012, you will receive 20% off! Must use promo code to redeem, discount will be applied at check out. Happy Holidays from MRO Stop!


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