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Mitsubishi GOT 1000 Touch Screen

The GOT1000 series saves time on the manufacturing front.

With new products coming and going very quickly in rapidly changing markets, "time" is the key to competitiveness and success. This is why the GOT1000 sticks to saving time. How about starting up equipment quickly without even bothering with programming? Or debugging and troubleshooting at worksites to reduce downtime?  To make it happen, the GOT1000 offers cutting-edge solutions, leaving conventional HMIs far behind.

GT1000 Series Family Features:

  • Front panel mounted USB port
  • Compact Flash expansion slot
  • Communication option slots (built-in communication ports for GT11_ _ and Handy models)
  • Built-in power supply (AC or 24VDC)
  • Ultra-thin design for today’s compressed panel and installation space requirements
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles combined with bright crystal clear display characteristics
  • 64bit RISC processor combined with Mitsubishi Graphics Accelerator for high-speed processing and lightning quick touch operations and data crunching
  • Expandable project memory and upgradeable OS
  • NEMA 4, Hazardous Location- HAZLOC, IP67F UL and CE environmental ratings


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