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Connect Under Pressure Couplings

Parker Hydraulic Quick Couplers

Parker’s 6100 Series Connect Under Pressure Coupling, is a thread-to-connect low spill coupling that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications where connected under pressure is required. The 6100 is ideal for connecting hydraulic lines on oil field equipment like power tongs, swivels and mobile drilling rigs. It is also widely used on dump trailers to connect the tractor to wet-line hydraulic systems.

Parker’s 8200 Series Connect Under Pressure coupling brings to the industry a proven design for  use on construction equipment, forestry equipment, agricultural machinery, oil tools, steel mill machinery, and other demanding hydraulic applications.

The Parker 9200 Connect Under Pressure lever coupling is designed with a lever operated cam that opens and closes the valves in both coupling halves, positively locking them into place. This allows the couplings to be easily connected and disconnected while under pressure. The 9200 couplings can functionally replace a Double Shut-Off quick coupling and two high pressure ball valves. By simply turning the lever to the “closed” position the hydraulic lines on a piece of machinery or mobile equipment may be disconnected either for maintenance or equipment changeovers.