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firestone, goodyear airsprings

Firestone - Goodyear Air Spring Crossover Chart

MRO Stop is an official distributor of Firestone Airbags and accessories. This chart is designed to assist those in converting their current application that may be using Goodyear air bags to transition over to using Firestone's brand of air spring. Need more information on a specific item? The click the part number through to a detailed product page.
Have any questions about the Firestone Product line in general or need a part that you don't see listed here?
Please call a technical sales representatives at 1(866)388-7558
firestone airsprings goodyear airsprings
W01-358-6900 2B8-157, 2B9-204, 2B9-207, 2B9-207, 2B9-216
W01-358-7400 2B12-309, 2B12-316
W01-358-8010 3B12-301
W01-358-7096 1B14-362, 1B14-365
W02-358-7012 1S5-005
W01-M58-6129 3B12-320
W01-M58-6400 2B7-840
W01-M58-6105 2B6-835
W01-M58-6155 1B6-833
W01-M58-6985 2B19-8423
W01-M58-6384 2B12-344
W01-M58-7532 2B22-8529
W01-M58-6145 1B7-840
W01-M58-6100 1B14-371
W01-M58-6369 1B14-372
W01-M58-6374 1B9-215
W01-M58-6166 1B8-850
W01-M58-6170 1B8-860
W01-M58-6140 1B5-810
W01-M58-6011 1B12-318
W01-M58-6187 2B9-235
W01-M58-6183 2B9-273
W01-M58-6114 2B14-467
W01-M58-6377 2B14-468
W01-M58-6381 2B12-343
W01-M58-6136 3B14-409
W01-M58-6353 2B8-850
W01-358-3400 2B7-540, 2B7-541, 2B7-542
W01-358-6910 2B8-155, 2B9-200, 2B9-202
W01-358-6911 2B8-156, 2B9-201, 2B9-203
W01-358-7001 1B5-500
W01-358-7008 1B12-300, 1B12-313
W01-358-7011 1B12-304
W01-358-7025 2B6-050, 2B6-052, 2B6-053, 2B6-530, 2B6-531, 2B6-532
W01-358-7103 1B14-350
W01-358-7180 2B12-311, 2B12-425, 2B12-437
W01-358-7184 2B12-314, 2B12-429
W01-358-7325 2B8-150, 2B8-153, 2B8-550, 2B8-553, 2B8-554
W01-358-7327 2B8-152, 2B8-154, 2B8-552
W01-358-7442 2B12-419
W01-358-7451 1B7-100, 1B7-101, 1B7-102, 1B7-103, 1B7-540, 1B7-541, 1B7-542
W01-358-7460 1B9-200, 1B9-202
W01-358-7564 1B8-150, 1B8-151, 1B8-550, 1B8-553, 1B8-554
W01-358-7731 1B6-050, 1B6-051, 1B6-052, 1B6-053, 1B6-530, 1B6-531, 1B6-532
W02-358-7010 1S4-008
W01-358-9156 1R13-045, 1R14-019
W02-358-3001 1S3-013
W01-358-3403 2B7-546
W02-358-4001 1S3-011
W01-358-5310 1R9-041
W01-358-5311 1R8-009
W01-358-5405 1R8-005, 1R8-021, 1R9-040
W01-358-5712 1R8-020, 1R9-003
W01-358-6800 2B14-362, 2B14-450, 2B15-375
W01-358-6801 2B14-361, 2B14-365, 2B14-452, 2B15-376
W01-358-6901 2B9-205, 2B9-208
W01-358-6923 2B9-240
W01-358-6947 2B9-258, 2B9-258
W01-358-6951 2B9-250, 2B9-257
W01-358-6952 2B9-260
W01-358-6955 2B6-535, 2B6-536
W01-358-6996 1B5-502
W01-358-7012 1B12-305
W01-358-7039 1B12-301
W01-358-7043 1B12-900
W01-358-7047 2B6-055
W01-358-7091 1B14-363, 1B14-364
W01-358-7101 1B14-352
W01-358-7104 1B14-351
W01-358-7109 1B14-353
W01-358-7143 2B14-352
W01-358-7144 2B14-353
W01-358-7145 2B14-350, 2B14-354
W01-358-7146 2B14-351, 2B14-355
W01-358-7185 2B12-318
W01-358-7203 2B22-8539
W01-358-7227 2B19-8433
W01-358-7424 2B12-300
W01-358-7443 2B12-305
W01-358-7444 2B12-416
W01-358-7458 1B9-205, 1B9-208
W01-358-7459 1B9-201
W01-358-7465 1B9-204, 1B9-207
W01-358-7473 2B12-428
W01-358-7484 1B7-104
W01-358-7561 1B8-152, 1B8-153, 1B8-552
W01-358-7598 1B8-157, 1B8-159, 1B8-560, 1B8-563
W01-358-7605 1B8-562, 1B8-564
W01-358-7742 1B6-054, 1B6-055
W01-358-7751 1B6-535, 1B6-536, 1B6-538
W01-358-7802 3B14-352, 3B14-361
W01-358-7807 3B14-353, 3B14-368
W01-358-7808 3B14-350, 3B14-354
W01-358-7811 3B14-351, 3B14-363
W01-358-7838 3B14-356, 3B14-453
W01-358-7842 3B14-374
W01-358-7845 3B14-450
W01-358-8007 3B12-305, 3B12-307
W01-358-8013 3B12-304, 3B12-306
W01-358-8047 3B12-305, 3B12-307
W01-358-8048 3B12-304, 3B12-306, 3B12-308
W01-358-8157 1B15-377
W01-358-8158 1B15-375
W01-358-9031 1R12-092, 1R12-115, 1R12-350
W01-358-9049 1R10-036
W01-358-9053 1R12-309, 1R12-901
W01-358-9096 1R12-155, 1R12-358, 1R12-900
W01-358-9108 1R12-095
W01-358-9148 1R14-026
W01-358-9149 1R14-018, 1R14-018
W01-358-9206 1R14-033, 1R14-041
W01-358-9321 1R12-142, 1R12-256
W01-358-9400 1R11-028
W01-358-9414 1R11-031
W01-358-9529 2B14-363, 2B14-451, 2B15-377, 2B15-378
W01-358-9017 1R10-059
W01-358-5710 1R8-016
W01-358-9078 1R12-355
W01-358-5406 1R9-038